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Angel Di MaRahim
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This girl just tweeted 'fav for a DM' faved it. Hopefully it's khedira or bender
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick
β€œ@Ayyxb: @ThatBuffAsian "I dont always use the internet but when I do eyebrows"” @SHAK__1 Somali yungers sending 4 u
β€œ@Nazia_kay: (Both things will never happen)” obviously
Your deen's dead fam, no par, You'll see me with the whip, no car.
β€œ@OprahSideNigga: SITTIN HERE WIDE AWAKE LIKE” Tracy Morgan really let himself go
β€œ@_Ammarr: The most favourites I've ever had on a selfie. I feel like Trey Songz right about now.” Teach me, my max is like 5 all mandem 😭😭
β€œ@hizzerful: Its gonna be proper weird when Wenger departs from arsenal, I've only ever seen him walking out with us” How I felt about SAF
Tryna cut shapes with your boy in the club, but you can't keep up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick
Friday highday? Nah cuz it's jummah tomorrow x
β€œ@_shilerrr: Hate when boys are obsessed with weed” "Friday highday" "Mans got the piff 10/10" "FAMMM that dank was chooong on a madting"
A party is as shit as you make it tbh. If you're sitting there not doing anything of course it's gonna be a shit party to you.
"Your mum was climbing the gates in the 21 seconds video' is one of the funniest things I've ever heard lol
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick
β€œ@TheMcBang: LMAO I'm guilty” Lmao why do I do this
β€œ@Med_AA: I know for a fact that I could’ve played in the NBA in the 1960β€²s” I'd be a professional footballer tbh
All arsenal fans say to us Utd fans "atleast we made it to the champions league" Utd fans: "Atleast we've won the champions league" #MUFC
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick
Liverpool fans running jokes on United like they've been in the CL 5 years straight πŸ˜‚
β€œ@TheSpan1ard: Liverpool think basel are piss? Think again they done double over chelsea under mourinho” they beat united under fergie
β€œ@FootballFunnys: Last time Liverpool played Real Madrid..” Since then they've finished 7th 8th 6th & 7th though...
Bayern vs Man City. Arsenal vs Dortmund. Chelsea vs Schalke. Again.
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick
Group B any team going there now is guaranteed 2nd or below
Arsenal Dortmund again πŸ˜‚
Loooool city got it difficult too
Wait what is Liverpool's seed???
Barca and PSG omg please put Liverpool there
Why is the TL acting all horny you fucking pricks
@KSIOlajidebt Your penis is too small for her, isn't it?
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick
#TweetYourTurnOffs when she has "single" in her bio but you prefer Album
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick
Your shoe size can turn you from a 10 to a "bitch give me them creps" real quick.
#TweetYourTurnOns when a girls like "I'm from South London" 😍😍😍
Come on 3 games in and people already want LVG out. Even Moyes made it to double digits.
β€œ@skarfacekid: β€œ@BeautyArabian: Egyptian 😍” omg she looks like Gaga” she looks like Mira tbh
'MK Dons' Is The Kind Of Name A Roadman Gives His Ultimate Team.
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick
SAF did so much dirt with such a shit team he was madddddd underrated how can you not call him greatest of all time????
β€œ@FootyAccums: Three years ago Manchester United beat Arsenal 8-2 with this team.” The only relevant part is SAF.
Don't think I posted any pics of @sarifalrai's wedding. Plus that was some buff suit I'm ngl.
β€œ@AbidKash: "@TrevorrWilsonn: Be careful what you say. A girl remembers everything forever" Lol shut up no they don't” U don't know my bae
A main similarity between raccoons and humans is that both are injured when hit by a car.
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick
*Late for work* Manager: Why are you late to work once again? Me:
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick
β€œ@inihelene:” slap me with your right bum cheek across my face. Pls
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick
I've reached 1k followers. Shout out to my dad. Pull out game = weak
Retweeted by Thu Hai Bara Prick