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Swag Overlord
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Gonna light a fire in my backyard so YA girl can see the smoke signals, and come runnin. #TakeTheNightOff
How you know your friend got himself a good one πŸ˜‚
Really wishing I was on tour right now πŸ˜‘
"Born on a mountain, raised in a cave, and drinking, and fucking is all that I crave." My friend @beer_dozer called just to tell me that πŸ˜‚
Zero energy today. 😞
Go to for all yer swag needs !!! New stuff coming soon :)
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Listen to my boy Garry serenade your soul! @Garrettgarfield
β€œ@nathanthebomb: @AKGrin i work at marble slab, i got you the hookup on free ice cream in san antonio!” That's what's up!
I REALLY want ice cream for some reason. I never crave ice cream... Maybe I'm pregnant...
β€œ@dr00ms: @AKGrin hey I'm seeing you 6 times this year:))” Hell yeah!
@AKGrin I want to scar up my dick ! Ribbed for your pleasure ! #pandalove
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@AKGrin FYI waste away is the best fucking song ever
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I like tattoos, and all, but I really just don't get scarification. Not super into it. Just my opinion, of course.
β€œ@br000n4: @ryanseaman @AKGrin GAAAAYs como to brazil” Yeah Ryan. Let's go to Brazil ;)
β€œ@GabiPaltrova: *walks outside* *dies*” Same β˜€οΈπŸ”₯πŸ’€
Wow. I just had the best workout I've had since I've been home. If you need me, I'll be six feet under πŸ’€#CoolStoryBroo
I just want FFXV to be out already. #NerdLife
Just like that hahaha. I love football πŸ™Œ
β€œ@davidlovesit: Football shit talking season is the best haha” Backed.
You guys ready for this party?! 😈
Anyone think the Bears can come back? I want to watch a close game god damn it! Haha
Make me tacos while I watch football in my underwear.
β€œ@Blink1eightPoo: I love @AKGrin” Love ya back!
Watermelon is tyyyyyyght
Here's a warped flashback. Getting lose in the trailer before sexually stimulating Denver's eardrums. #ILoveTrouble
This is how blind dudes play video games. πŸ™ˆοΏ½
Has anyone watched the TV series Salem? Is it worth it? I'm looking for a new show, and you know I'm all about that dark supernatural shit.