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Whatever happened to Retweets? Favorites are for lazy people.
#iCloud: Its raining shit.
This is PERFECT time for android for celebrity endorsements & some Android security marketing. Already see Apple fanboys changing religion
Every Wall Hugger (Apple users) used to say shit about Android LOL how about that iCloud breach? Take that you android hating suckers!
So it's OK to post "personal pics" because they are not nude? Is that what people are trying to say? #iCloudHack
I thought labor day was to celebrate all working citizens? Now retailers are using this day to make $$
iCloud has shown us there is no such thing as privacy in this Internet Age. Thanks a lot FAPPLE!!!
When you hit your lil sibling too hard & they start crying real loud and your mom is in the next room😮😮�
If Dr. Dre were to become a real doctor, would he be called Dr. Dr. Dre or Dr.Dre, MD?
If a white person is born in Africa, emigrated to America would that person be called an African-America?
Check out this new iPad keyboard it works without electricity! #iPad *ad
You change your hair color every week, Nobody is going to like you more so how about you just stop
Don't get tattooed just to get tattooed... Spend some good money for quality work. I hate seeing awful tattoos -__-
Somebody help me buy this little lamb thing
The more you ask "Why is _____ trending?", the more you'll make it a trending topic..
Why do people hate Nickelback so much? At least they can play their instruments, unlike most people in the music industry these days.
Nicki Minaj - Anaconda (Fart Remix). This sounds a lot better.than the "original" version,…
Ganesh Pandal With Theme Of India-America Friendship In Surat Alkapuri By Dilip Lakhpati Congrats. @narendramodi
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Remember when more people and less brands wished us on festivals?
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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Eat lots and lots of Modaks! #GanpatiBappaMorya
1001 lbs modak made by my friends #chowpattyrestaurant in Jersey for the Ganesh festival in USA! #BappaMorya
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Time to obsess over the performance of every tweet you send!
If Microsoft keeps naming new versions of Windows with the next higher number, eventually they'll get up to Windows 95 again.
Time to draw a big line… -------------------------------------------
Wondering if Tesla Motors will start making batteries for Laptops/Smartphones … I swear this will change everything
1 thing I have learned watching #ALSiceBucketChallenge videos: People don't seem to know how heavy a bucket full of water is going to be!
There's a place for people that don't wash their hands after eating. And its not restroom, its Hell.
Dont understand why people think jumping into a relationship will cure their happiness
Ever forget someone exists until you get a Facebook birthday reminder? Now THAT is a great reminder to unfriend those!
Why is Nicki "MINAJ"?
When the next Game of Thrones season begins there is a 500% chance I will cry from happiness
When I wake up kids in the morning for school
You know that you don't have any friends when you don't get nominated for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge
I feel bad for people who get & drunk to run away from their problems
Lets try to reach a bit more closer to infinitity
Everyone's in a hurry, but no one reaches on time.
It's never the successful people posting inspirational quotes on twitter and facebook. Just sayin'.
California is the Rock-and-Roll state of the USA.....because of their Earthquakes 😂
"Hmmm… should I get a cat or should I get an iPad mini with Retina display?" *opens mailbox* *Reads the credit card bill* “I need to sleep"
Smartphones manufacturers should spend less time on creating useless apps and work on a longer lasting battery..
My Facebook went from Humans of New York to Virgin Radio Lebanon in a week. They must have the best social media team in the world!
The ALS Challenge must look awful to countries that don't have access to clean drinking water. Makes me kinda :(