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Its annoying when people can favorite your tweet but can't reply 😒
How I feel when I think I've finished my coffee but see there's still another sip left in the mug
Nicki Minaj's #AnacondaVideoAtMidnight shit is garbage and i know most of you will say no to that but that's why the retardation is real
Nicki Minaj's #AnacondaVideoAtMidnight: Turn the sound off and view it without music and you will find it's nothing more that soft porn.
Really need to re-evaluate my diet. It's not okay.
I had a dream I moved to Silicon Valley, California. Don't know the city, but it was amazing and I was happy and I am gonna find it one day.
This is my favorite thing ever I'm laughing so hard 😂😂�
I'm tired, but my mind won't stop running.
You know why people don't like liberals? Because they LOSE. Its sad :|
Wish I could teleport.
Growing up, paying bills, credit cards all kind of fun to me... It's like a never ending game. Is that weird?
Hold on Bruh! Dont live in the moment so much, that you forget about the future
When you have a good imagination you can make up all the facts you want :P
My goal in life is to have a Korean friend to go on an adventure to @WhiteCastle.
Don't worry I won't tell anyone.. and if I do, I'll tell them not to tell anyone.
THINK.. its not illegal yet!
My happiness depends on someone special ... and that someone special is me.
I feel bad for Mondays. Everybody hates them!!
It's the unexpected that changes your life.
Richard Branson is famous for his crazy publicity stunts - Check them out here #leadership *ad
I think what Israel and Palestine need at this moment of time is the movie "You Don't Mess With The Zohan". #peace
I believe @FoxNews is FOKKKS news, Friends Of the Ku Klux KlannerS.