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Step 1: Buy a pet lamb Step 2: Buy a bikini Step 3: Make sure lamb wears that bikini ***Envy your friends about your new Lamborghini***
Fuck those people who talk about how others are wasting water doing the ice bucket challenge for ALS. These idiots waste water everyday
What If the ebola outbreak is someone playing plague Inc in another universe
If ebola virus kills everyone, Kim Jong would be the ruler of the world due to the lack of contact North Korea has with the world LOL
When you are trying to tell a story but your friends aren't listening
Its annoying when people can favorite your tweet but can't reply 😒
How I feel when I think I've finished my coffee but see there's still another sip left in the mug
Nicki Minaj's #AnacondaVideoAtMidnight shit is garbage and i know most of you will say no to that but that's why the retardation is real
Nicki Minaj's #AnacondaVideoAtMidnight: Turn the sound off and view it without music and you will find it's nothing more that soft porn.
Really need to re-evaluate my diet. It's not okay.
I had a dream I moved to Silicon Valley, California. Don't know the city, but it was amazing and I was happy and I am gonna find it one day.
This is my favorite thing ever I'm laughing so hard 😂😂�
I'm tired, but my mind won't stop running.
You know why people don't like liberals? Because they LOSE. Its sad :|
Wish I could teleport.
Growing up, paying bills, credit cards all kind of fun to me... It's like a never ending game. Is that weird?
Hold on Bruh! Dont live in the moment so much, that you forget about the future
When you have a good imagination you can make up all the facts you want :P
My goal in life is to have a Korean friend to go on an adventure to @WhiteCastle.
Don't worry I won't tell anyone.. and if I do, I'll tell them not to tell anyone.
THINK.. its not illegal yet!