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ashleigh hamilton
Can't believe me and tobes have already been together nearly 4 months!
I don't really like anyone left in the house now... Christopher to win I guess... haha #bbuk #ijustmissmatthew #andarronlowefrom2012
When is it time to admit you have a problem?
@MatthewDavies__ I still think Helen getting the pass was orchestrated from the beginning by BB. They knew she would be controversial! #bbuk
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What does everyone think about #bbuk Winston?
I'm so angry at big brother #bbuk i can guarantee Helen will win and i would bet any money she will have her own show asap 😧
Helens gonna win 😧#bbukk
I don't think I've ever even heard anyone say they want Winston gone... especially not over what people have said about pav and Chris? ??
My theory is that they want it to be Helen v Ashleigh final so they got out the person everyone reckoned would win 😂
"Hello, brother" AAAHHHHHHHH #TVD
Caroline liked Stefan before Elena did... They should be together! #Stefaline #sorryklaus #tvd
There was a big spider and I asked kane to get it out my room but he misjudged his skill and now it's somewhere on my bed
So glad it's the weekend though!
I ate that chinese too quickly :(
10.33am: Mark said 'If I go tonight, I've had a good run.' Pav has reminded him he's not up for eviction this evening. #BBUKLive
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If Chris fancied her I wouldn't care just admit it but the way he's acting is creepy OKAY
Chris is starting to come off a bit creepy but is it just the way @bbuk is editing???? #BBUK
Chris thinks he's the voice of the public or something bog off no #bbuk
Mark and Chris were my top two now I hate them both. Feel so sorry for pav :( #bbuk
Last day at londis today! Deffo not gonna miss these early wake ups 😂
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@BBUKLive: 5.24pm: Steven is telling Winston that he will tell Tamara to wait for him if he is evicted tonight. #BBUKLive” LMAOOOOO NAH
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Mark has been put on such a pedestal he only had to make one mistake to be knocked right down #bbuk #hesabitofawimp
Mark is a snake! Finally showing his true colours! #BBUK
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Poor Ashleigh. feel like I'm watching an 18 year old girl not only getting bullied from her classmates but her teachers too! thats Bad #bbuk
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#bbuk is so fixed this year to make you feel sorry for Helen... SHE IS HORRID I HAVE NO PITY
Park with the little ones x
Housemates should have these edited over their heads, Steven speaks DOWN to them in such a 'managerial' tone. #bbuk
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Tamara only hates Danielle because she ruined the chance of her getting magazine deals with Winston. #BBUK
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"@isthatry: it annoys me so much when people spell 'Ashleigh' like 'Ashley'. ITS ASHLEIGH. #BBUK" JUST MY LIFE NOT BIG BROTHER
Can't wait to walk to work in this weather
what a coincedence though. the day Danielle is evicted Dexter is on bbbots. I'm fuming rn #BBUK
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This is the first year I wish the house would do friends and family noms. So many secrets that need to be told 😤#bbukk
third wheeling two girls who are best friends is so much worse than third wheeling a couple
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@JosieCOnline 😂😂 they're like this because I wanted to see what an NHS boob job looked
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