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ashleigh hamilton
Just read Season 7 Episode 1. BOOM. It's nearly time, people... Sweet dreams. #TVD
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Whenever @MattRichardson3 is on #bbbots it reminds me of when he tweeted me and basically became my best friend
Show your support to our nominated housemates! RT if you don't want Chlo to go... #BBChloe #BBUK
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Every person who is near helen becomes poison 😧 actually ruins the show#bbukk
Sonny with a chance AND that's so raven!!!! Where have I been
Would never have thought helen 'won' with the boos she just received 😂#bbukk
Why do people comment on a celebrity's insta asif it's their pal like 'gorgeous chick❤️' asif Beyoncé's gonna respond 'comin from u😍'
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Is Pepsi OK? "Is monopoly money OK?" I offered you a reasonable alternative based on current stock issues and now you're just being rude
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I wish I was called 'Ed' so when I read 'Edexcel' on my exam paper it felt like a last minute pep-talk.
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Hate shit people that complain about slow replies. Would you rather I be unemployed so I could text you "wuu2" all day?
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Nearly 2 weeks behind #bbuk :(
All I want is chocolate
Might as well just go to bed
Just went for a drive with mum... sooooooo weird lol
[parents aren't home] expectation: *has huge party* reality: *brings laptop to the living room instead of hiding in my room*
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Mum made me enough rice to feed my whole family
Kate has been chewing on this for a solid 20 minutes and I don't have the heart to tell her
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Was so convinced I'd failed that i haven't even bothered to get a car or anything sorted 😁
Fk off poltergeist uk 😒
Everyone been crying so much this year on #bbuk... I'd fit in perfectly hahaha #crybaby
"Guys in suits are 100x hotter" take your £15 BooHoo co-ord and fuck off
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Wish they'd got rid of adjoa goddddd
James Arthur's Christmas cover. (Vine by @rhysjamesy)
And to all you who took time out of your hectic tweeting schedule to recognize my birthday today. #GFY #jk #IRuvRu
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boys be like "i prefer less makeup" ok so wear less makeup, tf does that have to do with me
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Hey @ErnestoRiley why do u have a pre-ordered iphone case with your face on it sitting in your dressing room?
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duuude Nolan pushing his luck here..about to get ninja kicked by @EmilyVanCamp back to 2011 :P great work Nicole…
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"Omg horse racing is cruelty blah blah" so is you wearing their hair as weave you cunt
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So nice seeing jess and rianna tonight after 6 months! 😧
I'm not leaving work at lunch again
What have I done to my toe?
Hay fever is back ??

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