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ashleigh hamilton
Tobys basketball shorts are soooo comfy. I wanna nick em
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Watching wedding singer and having a cry as per my usual routine
when I get a blocked nose I fully sit and think about times when my nose wasn't blocked and how I took it for granted
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See everything outside work lol
Do I get Chinese tonight or not????????? *I'm probably gonna no matter WHAT is said*
Hate it when people say social media ruins a relationship????? HOW
So disappointed in antm again 😧 jourdan was so horrid. Didn't even watch the last episode...@tyrabankss
Jelly is amazing when you have the mid week blues
Can't believe me and tobes are six months tomorrow 😊💜 never thought I'd be so lucky as to find someone so amazing! He's turned me into a sappy twat but I do love him loads! 💩 #yuck xxxxxxxx
Just spent half an hour doing my nails then caught them on my laptop before they'd dried 😂 give up
To sim or not to sim? ???????
This guy has had sex with 700 cars? He must be exhausted...
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I cried over icarly... It happened
My head is actually pounding:(
How can people claim X factor is a fix because overload went???? I didn't even remember they performed and only two of them can sing at all?
It doesn't make X Factor a fix because a band that has loads of followers fans didn't all pick up the phone and vote.. No ones safe..
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The guy on overload can play Ben on eastenders it's fine
Happy birthday ya lil shit x
Wtf makeup websites saying if you have brown hair and brown eyes get highlights NO THANKS BEEN THERE DONE THAT
Wake up at 7 play sims
Who's been watching EastEnders this week? This is what I think about how Linda's rape has been handled…
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I miss Michael moon
Can't believe my LITTLE brother is 15 tomorrow 😐
God abbie is so.annoying
Watching hoarding: buried alive and crying
So glad I missed this weather walking to work from college
I look younger in my lanyard I got this year than the one I had in my first year of college ?????
“@JoelEdwards_: Has he still got it or not ?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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"@LouiseeBeau: I act like such a spoilt 5 year old when I don't get my own way😤😅" I know ;)
Just dropped my apple on the floor at work:(
Skinny shaming is so widely accepted but say the first thing about someone being overweight and it's world war 3
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Miss rianna and jess and beef wah
But me and tobes are gonna start the gym together *yaaay*
Going for a jog tonight has made me realise how unfit I am 😧
Starting to think I have @KTHopkins wrong. after reading some tweets and articles I now find her a comical genius instead of an utter c*nt
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Can't believe how much me and tobes have eaten this weekend. Hideous
I'm happy cos Jay James and barclay got through that's enough for me
Some Where Ov -er Theeee Rainbow (as sung on xfactor) took forever and I hated it!
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I've got no time for blubbing. In no other job interview would anyone cry. Grow up #xfactor
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