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ashleigh hamilton
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My 12 year old brother's best friend asking out his current girlfriend. 😂
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"@FoodPornsx: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Dessert 😋" can we make this@Tobiathh
When will a band have the balls to call their reunion shows "The 'Mortgage Won't Pay Itself' Tour"? #sclub7
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Terrify your boyfriend by handing him a Coke can with 'Dad' on it and smiling tearfully.
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Gemma is going big on trying to be thicker than Joey Essex. it's like the turtle and the slug. yes Gemma, just like that #ImACelebrity
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When your iPod runs out of battery and you're still far from home
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Mel and Cheryl saying it's time for stevi to leave every week but then save him???idgi
Cheryl and Mel are sooooo bitter 😖
"@stephhrushton: So angry I've let myself get so fat" my life
Moulin rouge will cheer me up I'm sure!!!
So I'm on my way to a photoshoot. Not for me. FOR MY DOG. MY DOG IS DOING MODELLING WORK. When I said I dreamt of living with a model...
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Two hours ago I was basically falling asleep while eating tea and now I'm wide awake..whyyyyyy
Always one couple in four in a bed that underpays everyone so they win 😪
I miss jess n rianna ffs
@MailOnline: if Victoria Secret ad had real women” to be a real woman you must be white & fat
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I’ve worked with some serious divas but I think Betty could be the biggest of them all! @bettyboopnews
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"@NevSchulman: This isn't Nev tweeting from Nev's phone. Guess who... 🙈✨😏✌️💅😍🌚" CATFISH PT2
It doesn't matter if you heard them or not, once you've asked someone to repeat themselves for the third time, you must respond: "ha yeah!"
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When you're famous for no reason and you're worried someone else might get more famous than you for no reason
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Swear one of my eye always squints in photos? ???😬
Love buying Christmas pressies woooo
Eva Mendez lost her baby weight in 7 weeks and I'm still trying to lose the lbs I gained last Christmas
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"@BarclayBeales: Oh Lordy , what can we do to make people happy ?" YOU CAN YODEL? ?????
@OfficialMelB: Do not let @JakeQuickenden go Pls pls vote vote vote” oh no am I supposed to be singing lol #votejack
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Why have me and tobes both started talking in our sleep? 😬
So glad I didn't have to dress up for work lol
why do they even include 2014 as an option when selecting your birth year online like u fresh out the womb ready to join gmail
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My hands are glittery I feel like Edward from twilight :(
Ben made a cake at work today and I didn't even have a slice 😥�#willpowerer
This week keeps getting worse and it's only Wednesday
Can't wait for my long weekend with tobes ♡
Ok so im having a meal at harvester with the boss man himself mr simon cowell and im sooooo nervous xx
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