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ashleigh hamilton
Monday to Friday seems to fly by every week... where has this year gone?
Never thought I'd say I was sad to see college finish for the summer πŸ˜‚
This time last year I couldn't even have imagined I'd be where I am now 😊
If you were lucky enough to wander past my work at 11.30 this morning you would have witnessed me drink undiluted squash!!!!!! #happydays
Finished level 2 😁#aatt
Typical... just realised I left my calculator at work and have my last exam tomorrow morning 😧
This is like conner and luke s all over again πŸ˜‚
this is a smiling Kanye,it only appears once in 20,000 Kanye pics.This is a very rare Kanye.RT in 20 secs or bad luck
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Are people actually afraid to double text???? I will send 16 messages in a row and feel no shame whatsoever
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Surely all you have to do is look at dannys twitter and a quick Google search of emma to know they don't have the same agent 😴#bbukk
Bore off mark is gone because he was a prick #bbuk
Disney Channel thinks I need lyrics on the screen to sing along to High School Musical Someone needs to get their head in the game
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Nominations? In the Diary Room? *faints in shock* #bbuk
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Remember when #bbuk used to be exciting and you couldn't plan out every single thing that was gonna happen 😩
How can harry say nick always mugs her off when she just mugged him off to get her head up marcs arrrrrse #bbuk
God i hate Marc πŸ˜₯#bbukk
I s2g worst mood ever
Cannot kick this headache πŸ˜₯
OFCOM has now received a total of 4884 complaints about Helen Wood's disgusting bullying behaviour over the last 2 series. @bbuk #bbuk
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I'm actually at a loss as to how anyone could like helen? #bbuk feel free to educate me
The man with the black hair honestly made #bbbots last night 😁
My poor car 😒
Just read Season 7 Episode 1. BOOM. It's nearly time, people... Sweet dreams. #TVD
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Whenever @MattRichardson3 is on #bbbots it reminds me of when he tweeted me and basically became my best friend
Show your support to our nominated housemates! RT if you don't want Chlo to go... #BBChloe #BBUK
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Every person who is near helen becomes poison 😧 actually ruins the show#bbukk
Sonny with a chance AND that's so raven!!!! Where have I been
Would never have thought helen 'won' with the boos she just received πŸ˜‚#bbukk
Why do people comment on a celebrity's insta asif it's their pal like 'gorgeous chick❀️' asif Beyoncé's gonna respond 'comin from u😍'
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Is Pepsi OK? "Is monopoly money OK?" I offered you a reasonable alternative based on current stock issues and now you're just being rude
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