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Aizat Haris
I know dat feel big brodie haha @RiseTheRic
feel like to stand but malas also
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feel like to sleep but malas also
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feel like to eat but malas also
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This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. Malala is so important.
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I think it is so ridiculous that this self-proclaimed person is taking advantage of Sultan Brunei's status to justify his stupid actions.
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SO, tell me.. How does it feel like to be 20? @abdlhakim_ #HappyRyanCuppaDay
Currently spinning great music (because it's my friend who's currently djing) at
Someone's turning 20 in an hour..... @abdlhakim_ just sayin mane, first. (cuz I didn't get first last year)
Poor guy, he just didn't have the heart to keep living.
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Although this is the end of the band, I hope my fans will embrace me as a solo artist in the same way they have embraced Crystal Castles.
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Mau jadi orang gila saja tinggal disini.
but it's different now that i'm poor and aging i'll never see this face again and you go stabbing yourself in the neck.
Reach out say what you're really about are you coming here or not, are you coming out?
I fill these pages like I fill those spaces with my lies.
If you know your role and shut your mouth, you could hear the millions of the Rock's fans chanting his name..
Dj-ing with cassette tapes, Iknowhipsterbutthis lel.
Finding reason to use the tapi esen term pasal I can.
I spent the money that I saved up all on music... I then proceed to feel bad.(tapiesen)
I've noticed people that I've connected with so well here... Are mainly fucking hippies.
I hate these people staring, make them go away from me,
Mick Foley is straight up my favorite person of all time.
Sometimes I wish I didn't have freeloaders for friends... All that money I saved, shit.
If someone gave me a box full of old 45's I would be so.. very very very very very happy, I don't even care what sort of music it is.
Damn man, times are fucking rough, hope you could manage through it whatever you're going through bro. @HaziqAripin
At last! V for Vaselines release date has arrived. It's in the shops today on vinyl,cd,cassette.
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All this frugal livin', ain't so bad.
Who tf is Sam Peppers, he sounds like an asshole.
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If you are pro-feminism, please help donate, share, spread the word for this kickstarter if you can!…
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My favourite doctor. 10/10 would go check up every so often.
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I'm so fucking weak.
oh my god, that mindset. that biased way of thinking. Holy shit.
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The frustrations will roll right in.
Are WB vinyl pressings supposed to skip? I swear..
Story of my life. RT @Bamavenue I don't get how and why people see me as problematic by just judging my physical appearance. #Bummed
“I still think that acoustic guitars are very punk, so eat shit.” —Sara Quin
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So Jealous turns 10 today! #TeganandSara
Because everything I love has gone away.
And the sun's always rising, In the sky somewhere...
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