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Aizat Haris
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All I want.... is my turntable set.
I love watching videos of babies testing the patience of cats it's like cats just know to just go with it 'cuz babies are just babies.
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Let me ASMR you irl.
This is worse than that time where I had to make a decision to choose between being a pokemon trainer or a sith lord.
BUT, if I build my collection in the UK, what happens to them when I finish my course?
I am left with a conflict... If I build my record collection here, what's gonna happen to them when I go to the UK?
D'you know I'm fucking sick of? People being so pedantic that they disagree with feminism purely based on the nature of the name
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D'arcy Wretzky is so cool.
I'm starting to get into wrestling again.... Heheheh
I should save up for a gameboy color.
@TRainQuin: I like the 'weird part' of Sara's❤️” I live for the weird parts
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Show me the way to the rubbish dump or the bins at closing time, I'd walk a mile just to catch a smile from a fish without its brine.
Shannon Spence is so cool.
Sentence of the month "Kamu orangnya kyk cewek banget ya?"
There I am in the morning, I don't like what I see.
Why does my heart go on beating why do these eyes of mine cry. Dont they know its the end of the world It ended when I lost my backup needle
If I can, I want to take a gap year after this so I can spend time with my family.
All this work would not be for nothing, my motive now is to get all of this done so I can go do film production in another person's country.
People should be able to do what they want. Once you've lost your individuality, you'll surround yourself in a sea of conformity.
I want to buy this merch, especially the Tegun shirt but my bank acc says no *sobs*
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On a positive note, I did something productive today and I feel great.
The world could show nothing to me, so what good would living do me?
When I order a taxi theyz espect me ta be a hairy 40yr old man cos of the name I put looooollzz "Are u L Bahrin?" Ummm yes El Bahriño Al Abu
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I have nothing, I have no one and I've been so quickly set free.
Studies show that 100% of death takes place on earth.
You're not finished, but I'm done. You win and I'm tired.
Happy 19th berseday @TRXXZX! :D
This is just a test, for paradise.
I bought a few records yesterday and the guy behind the counter said "Amazing choices here!" and all I had to say was "I know..." #musicsnob
If you close the door, the night could last forever. Take the last tab out, we'll go insane, together.
I just needed a place to release the tension, at least just give me that.
You don't have to be afraid, you don't even have to be brave. Living in a gilded cage, the only risk is that you'll go insane.
Random fact, Mick Foley is a feminist.
I don't need no arms around me, I don't need no drugs to calm me, I have seen the writing on the wall, don't think I need anything at all.
fast service my ass.
cuz I'm supposed to be happy all the time.
I'd shave myself... If I could grow a beard. (Of which, I cannot.)