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Aizat Haris
Happy birthday @supergaaay! Enjoy the rest of your day!
Goodbye, I don't want to feel the need to hear your voice.
R.I.P Robin Williams, it's quite upsetting to know how he went :(
I had a dream of Alice Glass playing her dj set in a library.
Yo trabajo duro, como en madera y yeso!
All our friends they're laughing at us, all of those you love you mistrust.
That moment when left-handed scissors actually makes a difference..
Aux input is sooo convenient.
Zero compression analog pressings <3
((don't mind me I'm just gonna tweet Tegan and Sara lyrics for the rest of my life))
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So what I lied, I lied to me too 💕
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@AizatHaris Last time I practiced that, I ended up sleeping in my own dream.
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"son," *peeks out the window* "it's the apocalypse... it has begun." *girls twerking everywhere outside*
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remember when tegan and sara pretended to be angry
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