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khadija yo.✌️♎️
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I got yearbook for free, ppl paid £20 to see pictures of me ✌
Ngl Miss Ramadan really did fuck me over with the mugshots of me in the yearbook fs.
I disagree with 60% of the 'Most Likely To' section in the yearbook 🙅🙅🙅
Prom in 2 weeks 💃💃💃
My tolerance level for peoples shit is getting lower and lower everyday.
My mum is fully taking my brother to see the GP because he finished the strawberry jam in 3 days 😂😂😂😂
USA are getting revenge.
These commentators need to control themselves.
If America get beat here will they invade Ghana
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Ghana are gonna bang this match I can feel it.
Too busy creating azonto routines for celebrations that they forgot to actually train
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It took 31 seconds for Ghana vs. USA to be better than Iran vs. Nigeria.
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Raaah my tl is tenseeeeee
@KaminskiJack_: Rahh”I heard prison ain't even that bad uno, plus I'd come out hench
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remember the days where no man in year 8 wanted to be know as a 'bocat' 😂😂
Why does my mum always want me and her to bond fs pls just stop
Hate it when people are mad at me and don't tell me the reason why.
Can fully hear the music at Field Day from my house. Jheeze free concert 💃💃
Free yard tonight aka nutella sandwiches for dinner
Boys you need to be careful these days your gf's are fully hiring mates to pree your every move.👀👀👀
Everyones happy about being done with exams by next week and mans is still revising for P3.
Catching feelings is so long and such an effort to deal with yet I still do it fsss
Literally so done trying with some people. Cba to waste my time 
Hate feeling like I'm wasting my time on someone 😒😳
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Haven't really made any bad decisions lately. Getting kinda bored.
looooooool asif UKIP won the EU elections???? what kind of nonsense is this??? we are officially screwed.
Imma tell you where I'm from, you gon' tell me where you from.
Fully trekked in the rain for nonsense.
I have never skipped away from an exam in happiness like i did today.
Solange got lessons from Sharkeisha the way she was swinging.
Dont act like a dick and then be surprised if people call you a dick.
Preeeeeeee the crepsssss 👀👀👀👀
How can my 8 yr old stumpy brother try and act dench on the phone to @chloemason118.
Can someone pls just stop me from doing things that aren't good ideas because I am not very good at it ngl.
How gay do u have to be to write an essay about your feelings???????
@ovokhadija you don't realise how much I'm laughing this is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂
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"@FunnyVines: When you realize school is out in a few weeks" after party for sure.