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Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care. PEACE OUT. ✌️
I construct all my accessories for models to wear to my photoshoots. Here is my "Annabelle Crown." Not done yet!! 😅
Going on hour 4 constructing my first crown for a model to wear on Tuesday's shoot. There are no words for how elegant and beautiful my "Annabelle Crown" is turning out! Follow my photography account to see how it ends up in the photos! @ebstudios #fashion#art#greekgoddess#instafashion#photoshoot#m
Ouch, I have lost myself again and I feel unsafe.
So many reasons to live, I need to let them show. I made the hardest mistakes, I need to let them go.
Pro tip: The key to making money is doing your homework. #SecretHobbyAlert 😏
I smell like hairspray and false dreams.
I still have yet to learn that changes are both good and necessary.
I am not a dog person, so...
Booked for the next two weeks with photoshoots!! Excited.
Room is getting a bit messy with fashion books. Pulling inspiration and styles for my photoshoots for the next two weeks. Can't wait to make the accessories.
Apple juice is life.
I love it when cats get scared and walk sideways. I think it makes my day.
Don't waste your time on people who don't express their feelings for you. They don't give a shit.
I have a little over 4 months to put together my Sinon cosplay. Follow me on instagram, Kaptainkitty, to watch it come to life.
Spending your days alone gets old, really quick.
I'm always super interested in photographing new people, please email me, or comment if you are interested as well! @ebstudios
So here is some news, for those who don't know, I work for my school's fashion magazine as a photographer, which has set off my career as a fashion photographer. I'm excited for my work to be in print issues in December. So please be sure to follow my account, @ebstudios to see behind the scene shot
Thank you for almost 7,000 subscribers on Youtube. Getting this fashion photographer job has consumed me. Trying hard to find spare time.
Party girls don't get hurt, can't feel anything, when will I learn? 1,2,3,1,2,3 drink. 1,2,3,1,2,3 drink.
Just finished up a meeting for the magazine I work for. SO EXCITED to see my photos in print issues! I need models! ASAP!
Preparing my next cosplay. Take a guess?
Eating oatmeal and studying for my fashion forecasting exam like a good little child.
I will love you till the end of time. Love you more then those bitches before.
If you're a girl and don't check out your butt in underwear after you shower pretending to be a Victoria's Secret model, you're lying.
Sena has always loved watching tv. I put the tv on and this toddler is set for a good hour.
She's so cuteee. My nana has always called me Lady Gaga. It's really weird how we both change our hair the same color around the exact same time too.
I'm still afraid of the dark. Especially inside my mind.
What's it like to have free time?
When you look bad in public and think to yourself, "I hope I don't see anyone." You will. So always look good.
hello, it's been awhile.
hey, it's been awhile since I had the confidence to like myself once more.
I'm too good of a detective. I can't trust people. Ever.
I act like a man watching the super bowl when I watch the new episodes of Sword Art Online. Especially when it ends.
Cozy pajamas are everything to me.
The fashion industry is consuming my entire life. I don't even have time to take my cat to the vet. Assistant hired. Aka mom. 💜🙏
Everything I have today, is what I do behind closed doors, I run the show. This is my desk, and how I stay motivated. You run your own show. Own your world and kick some ass.
Take every opportunity that is offered to you. Don't be lazy, get out there.
@AirikaAnne just watched your video of your room very nice!!!
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throwback thursday, when i had the best hair ever. #tbt
ATTENTION TO MY YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS: There will be a huge secret surprise on my next upcoming video for all of you. Hint: Box.
Up all night doing work, and answering any questions for fun. Come say hi or make some trouble. 💀✌️
I spend most of my time in school pulling my shorts down so I don't look like a hoe. At least I try.