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I caved in. Finally getting my nails done for tomorrow night. ✌️💕
I've just about had it with everything.
I'm not going to be here when you crave me the most. 👌
I grew out of "I never text first" phase, since I realized nothing was wrong with showing someone, you care about them more than your pride.
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I want Chipotle.
Sometimes I feel alone. Some days are long and hard. But when I look out into the world, I am struck by the impossible beauty of it all.
Nothing like taking a hot shower, getting into sweatpants and taking a fat nap after working overtime. Cya later world. ✌️
Still at kent state at 1:30am when I work at 6am. Okay, never a good idea.
Kent State hockey team. 😍👌
@ksucrushes2: "@AirikaAnne is sexy. -from you know whooooo! ;)"” haha omg.
I just had the best shower in all of existence. Just thought I would let everyone know.
"I am a big fan of the fashion girls. They are all sexy af"
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Shoutout to all the attractive men at the rec tonight. Damn.
first thing's first, i'm the realest.
I took a selfie today. I'm such a hoe.
I can't sleep. :(
"If an SAE asked me to their date party, it would for sure make my semester. Good looking *and* true gentlemen."
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Yoga class was perfect. Rec tomorrow with the girls. 😍
Wow I wish I was in a sorority so I can be considered super attractive and guys would actually want to ask me out. #ksuprobs
"All the girls at the rec tonight are bae"
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Life is so fragile.
Excited to work out! 😍
Don't go searching for love. You'll meet all the wrong people in all the wrong places.
my snapchat story caption was really stupid today. so there's that.
Keep moving forward. 🏃🏃🏃
One way to win me over: Chinese food date. You are bae. 👌
I just made a European professional hockey player that just moved to America get snapchat. I think I win for tonight. 😍
Twenty One Pilots has taken a strong grasp on my heart. Music pulls you through tough times. <3
Our lives are only temporary. We may die at any given moment. Always take the time to appreciate those you love. People are important.
mentally miserable.
I hate huge shipment days at Victoria's Secret. I want to buy all the new yoga pants. Ugh stoppp. 😭
Without true friends, I would be nothing. #thankful
I hate people who treat me like I'm not human with no feelings.
"She's goin' into Erika mode, just let her go." - @monet_danare
Why fall in love when you can fall to sleep.
True Life: My cat is my best friend. ohh i also made a snapchat. so that's new. leave your snapchat name below, maybe i'll add you or something cool.
I just want to thank my boos @AirikaAnne and @_JaneeNichole for tonight!!! Love y'all
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"Erika in my English II class, you are the sweetest thing ever. What a little babe."
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I hate players. Like Byeee. ✋
fashion show interview. yeah, always look good. pro tip.
How on earth am I allowing myself to become emotionally damaged so much? Stop, just stop. Ending it.
I ponder of something great, my lungs will fill and then deflate.
Backrubs to put me to sleep please.
long hair + black tanktop = naked mirage?
Seeing your phone light up with a message, but it's not from who you want it to be. & now I just sit in silence.