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my man crush monday goes out to this little perfect gem of mine. you're perfect! see you soon 😘 #mcm
That awkward moment when your little sister says "you're going to marry him." Oh...
adventurous vip times. 🎶
Did I really go into a mosh pit at a rave last night and push and hit other men? I'm so lady-like.
going to a rave with my bestie, @rknrbn3. 🎉💵🍹
When your paycheck bonus is way more than you thought > anything.
I didn't even know I had almost 7,300 followers on Youtube. I promise a new update video next week.
You have broken down every wall I have built up around myself and my heart. How?
Tell me why I have my last and most difficult final at 7:45am? The bitch just has to spite us. ✋
Booking a condo in Hawaii for spring break. Dream vacation. What are you doing?
That was a little painful and awkward.
I am literally always sick on finals week. Makes my life 10 times harder with everything.
I wonder how many girls will be at the gym tomorrow because of the #VSFashionShow.
I feel so lucky working for VS. Great company. Tomorrow I will buy new bras and underwear. Thanks VS. You have inspired me once more.
Watching #VSFashionShow then going straight back to work at 6am at Victoria's Secret. I'm going to be sick of these clothes..
Work is killing me.
Going to Hawaii for spring break with my favorite person. My life is so spontaneous. I live for adventures.
where you are, i will be. 12/8/14. <3
Hawaii for spring break? I think yes. ❤️
I don't question how things became to be anymore. It just happened.
You take everything that was painful to me and everyone that once mattered all away. Unbelievable.
mysterious man is mysterious.
Still one of the prettiest girls I know And she getting old but looks like a teen HAPPY BIRTHDAY @AirikaAnne
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As of 6 mins ago, I am now 22 years old! 🎉🎈🎁
I just saved 100% on anger management by switching to single.
I can not wait to take your hand this weekend and show you a good time.
I love pulling in to fully paid parking meters. Thank you God, you're my number one home boy today.
I can't stop thinking about you.
@ksucrushes2: "Erica Blasko has a nice ass."” Learn my name and we'll talk. 👌
Time will be nonexistent this weekend.
my little festive babe. <3
Boy: No I'm busy, I don't have time for a relationship. *talks/snapchats/hooks up with 87 girls*
I laughed so hard when @PARTAprobs followed me.
Two weeks feels like two years at the end of a semester
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I'm sorry I ruined your life and crammed 11 cookies into the VCR.
If you are thinking of someone, then reach out to that person right away.
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I want to sleep with you. That statement can go 2 ways.
Never let a chance to let people know you care slip away.
Last week of classes AND my birthday is this Saturday. Talk about perfect timing.
Happy last week of classes Kent State!
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Be who the other person wants you to be and you'll be happy for a month. Be who you want to be and you'll be happy forever.
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I don't care.
If I can pull myself through this 8hr shift, I will have the best day ever tomorrow.
Do things that scare the shit out of you.
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If there was a day just dedicated to unleashing all the things you have wanted to tell people, and them forgetting the next day....oooo.
Holiday candles are one of my most favorite things.
To all my retail friends tonight: Good luck.
Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for so many people today. ❤️
I should just sleep at Victoria's Secret for as much as I work here.