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When you look bad in public and think to yourself, "I hope I don't see anyone." You will. So always look good.
hello, it's been awhile.
hey, it's been awhile since I had the confidence to like myself once more.
I'm too good of a detective. I can't trust people. Ever.
I act like a man watching the super bowl when I watch the new episodes of Sword Art Online. Especially when it ends.
Cozy pajamas are everything to me.
The fashion industry is consuming my entire life. I don't even have time to take my cat to the vet. Assistant hired. Aka mom. πŸ’œπŸ™
Everything I have today, is what I do behind closed doors, I run the show. This is my desk, and how I stay motivated. You run your own show. Own your world and kick some ass.
Take every opportunity that is offered to you. Don't be lazy, get out there.
@AirikaAnne just watched your video of your room very nice!!!
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throwback thursday, when i had the best hair ever. #tbt
ATTENTION TO MY YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS: There will be a huge secret surprise on my next upcoming video for all of you. Hint: Box.
Up all night doing work, and answering any questions for fun. Come say hi or make some trouble. πŸ’€βœŒοΈ
I spend most of my time in school pulling my shorts down so I don't look like a hoe. At least I try.
*tries to look nice for school*
I want donuts. 🍩
I woke up like this.
The endings of Sword Art Online II make me throw a tantrum in my room, um next episode NOW. *intensely at the edge of my seat*
@thejakenolan and I got our first pet, but we can't decide on a name. It's either Sena or Yui. We like to name our cats anime names. πŸ‘
Might be going to Seattle for a fashion conference. I really, really hope I get to. πŸ™
Literally waited forever for this shirt! Might get it in a bigger size, oversized rad shirts are my jam. 😝
I'm at the fair and my mom is louder and more embarrassing than me.
Lost a really great Youtuber. Loved watching #LedaBunnie.
Music really does cure the mind.
I look like I've been a prisoner in hell for the past week, but can finally say that I spot a slight glimpse of a smile on my face. There is a light at the end of this tunnel of silent depression. Push through. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
I have not been posting happy things lately, so here is a happy note: My dream of being a fashion photographer is coming true.
Excited for a nice relaxing weekend with @AirikaAnne between touring ☺️ she's my favorite.
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Slaying freshman. πŸ’€
The worst feeling is when something is killing you inside, and you have to act like you don't care while continuing with daily life.
Last night I lost my best friend in the world, but had the chance to be there when he passed. Life has treated me so cruel and I have not been the same, and will never be the same. I have so much guilt on my mind and lost a lot of strength and faith witnessing the death of such an incredible person.
Tragity struck my life last night. You just never know. Hug your cats for me today. Let them sleep where they aren't aloud to, love them.
Congratulations to my boyfriend's band for ranking number 33 out of 200 on @billboard this week. ❀️🎢
Vote for Pedro.
You know 49/256 math topics. You are responsible for learning all before your reassessment. *quietly shuts laptop, walks away, dies*
Planning a giveaway and more videos, so if you aren't subscribed, do it now to know when I put new videos out! 😝😁
I've been doing tons of pen drawings lately. Guess who?
Chobits sketch. #lineart#anime#animeart#sketch#chobits#chii#drawing#animegirl
Quick pen warm-up drawing. Bet you can already guess who I'll be drawing more of. #sketch#art#sailormoon#anime#animeart#sailormooncrystal#illustration
I wish college had coupons. Buy one semester, get one semester free.
Nothing is okay.
Almost to 7,000 subscribers on my Youtube! Click subscribe for more adventurous videos!
I just had the most random adventure dream with @VeeOneEye. It was really crazy and fun. Wow.
Just finished a 10 hour shift, time to eat good food and watch Sword Art Online II. Kirito is bae. ❀️
Biggest pet peeve: Not being able to fall asleep when you actually need sleep to function at work.
rad as frick. #youtuber
Plot twist: Chicken fries are back at Burger King. *gets emotional*
Remember you use to pick on me a lot and made fun of who I was? Well that's why I don't wanna be your friend.