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Another one bites the dust. He was kinda cool too :/ #akamagakill
Travelling to branches in search of a textbook, this is life right now.
I swear I can feel myself ageing on this met line. #uxbridge
YAAASSSSS I don't have to go in until 5pm today. Initiate coma sleep.
Reatalk, I hate uxbridge. 100% cuz its a trek.
First day back to uni soon, prolly go with no sleep. #fuckit
Just had a look at my timetable fuck my life. Tuesdays go on till 8pm wtf
Student finance came early ££££
Transformers age of extinction is so fucking shit
I love how some of them are commenting on the song..? Did you not see the video..? Your priorities are in shambles.
talk about morning glory 😍😫@JLoJLo: Check out my new vid#JLoBootyoty fea@IGGYAZALEALEA now”
Retweeted by Kaizen
What's one thousand minus seven? #TokyoGhoul Most terrifying maths question in anime/manga
Passed a re-sit (got B) but cuz it was a resit, was capped at D-. Still happs.
LOL Winston... ffs I missed this show
Schmidt and Nick's conversations are always so jokes
LOOOL 'Predicting a throw back to missionary, depending on what happens in Syria'. fuck life haha #NewGirl
I still haven't played skyrim..Gonna remedy this now.
Banks's album is pretty good u kno
I'm gonna stop piffing for awhile. #fuckit
oh fuck I forgot Kenzie May
Banks, Sza and KaliUchis <3
TIL decibels(db) is a logarithmic scale and that 1100 db is easily enough to destroy the universe.
Weeknd is tweeting random lyrics again, I guess a new song is gonna drop soon
I would buy any song / album that makes me react like bigQ to music
If Weeknd ever decided to do an Ad on TV for his album, just put on @bigquint 's reaction to it. #recordbreakingsales
It might not have been premeditated murder but I reckon negligent man slaughter should stick.
Especially if you're living with someone else.
Pistorius has some serious fight or flight issues lol. How can your reaction be to instantly shoot through a door?
If I see you charging your watch, I'm gonna laugh at you.
I don't rate these android/apple watches. Just have a normal watch ffs. You got a phone for all that other shit.
Black helicopters went past over my house kinda low, my first thought was monsters were attacking the city. wtf brain..
That recent HXH episode #thefeels
Skated over 5 miles today 😵
Singing average but still sick
LOOL She's sick - This Girl's Talent is Legit via @Po_st
Makes me physically sick reading that stuff. fuck life.
I won't watch the videos of ISIS killing people, but I'd gladly marathon ISIS members getting executed for their crimes.
ISIS genuinely needs to be eradicated, it's insane for such evil to exist in the modern world.
People that spread ignorance should get stoned.
Do whatever the fuck you want with your money, but don't encourage others not to donate just because you found one sketchy article.
If you want skilled people handling charities, you want them to be paid right. No ones gonna work for free dumb asses.
A CEO/CFO makes a six figure salary *Shock*. FFS, and they're in Washington, that's a low wage compared to other organisations.
And by research I don't mean look up other propaganda that agrees with your suspicion.
I fully don't rate anyone who says 'I'm not donating money to XXX because I don't know where the money goes". But did you research it tho?
If you're always gonna be prejudiced against anyone who makes more money than you, then you're just a bitter ignorant retard.
You dont have insomnia until you go to sleep the same time people take their lunch breaks.