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A$AP Rocky - PMW Ft. ScHoolBoy Q (Music Video):
This fucking sword online ep is so emosh
Hmmm play trap music in my uber cab
Uber driver baitly knows im high, took me 20 mins to get the seat belt on
Why bother making useless lecture slides? Waste of time for you and the reader for fuck sake.
Ahh nightbus how ive not missed you at all, fxck surge pricing...
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Song just popped in my head outta nowhere. Chris Brown - Gimme That (Remix) ft. Lil Wayne:
Fully think my house is haunted by a ghost that hates phone signals
If you refer to yourself as a 'foodie', you're a cunt.
Need to get a haircut soon or I'll end up looking like Byakuya and his L'Oreal self.
I'm fucking freezing, life as a penguin is not the one.
Suck a dick, suck a dick and by the way, suck a dick. Jarren Benton - Razor Blades and Steak Knives ft. Hemi:
I actually wanna go back in time and watch Interstellar again, probably the best cinematic film I've ever seen...
Nahhh real talk interstellar was shot so beautifully, i need to watch it again!!!
Last 3 movies I've watched were all brilliant. Gone girl, night crawler and interstellar.
Just watched Interstellar, amazing cinematic movie. So many great movies came out this year.
Naruto? What's that? Mans on Nanatsu no Taizai
Tinkerbells rotting corpse smells like lavender
These plug in air fresheners are long, I put it on the lowest setting and now it smells like there's been a genocide of fairies in my room.
That twist in walking dead, I've never been more shocked LOOOOL
Just watched Schoolboy Q's Hell of a night vid, so many boobs I felt like I helped in breast cancer awareness.
The irony of me saying this. Opinions of other people on the internet piss me off.
Just realized how hardly any character still wore the headband
It's over...So many years and it's finally over. I feel so free now.
Ino and Sai!?!?! WTF
Uber is the one, minicab was so fcking cheap. Worth every penny too.
Ffs always end up talking to my minicab driver, just wanna listen to music.
I like the movie too but if you walk around in a guy fawkes mask, you're fucking moist.
Why Bobby Shmurda look like he got hit with the Orb of Confusion
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Could be gassed right now but @AixaVega927 covers of Outside and Wicked Games sound better than originals.#blasphemy #shitIneverthoughtIdsay
For real, she's fucking good at covering Weeknd. I'm in love. Aixa Vega- Outside (cover):… via @YouTube
I don't get people that write paragraphs on youtube's comment section.
Let's be cops is so jokes!!
In that phase where I love holding/using my new phone
Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews "Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare" - CONAN ...: via @YouTube
I can't get enough of these young thug vines
Walking Dead knows how to make villains, that fucking douche.
It's so easy to forget how far gaming has come. I used to play Super Mario bros. on the NES!
Kali uchis for these mornings.
By the third slide, I'd give addresses of my bosses
This guy is blatantly sadistic, intentionally torturing us with his shit lecture. If I was a spy, I'd have snaked everyone by now
This dude has the most creative ways to pronounce words wrong
People that go to all lectures and seminars have discipline of warriors, or they're cyborgs trying to seem human.
Ffs I am gaining nothing from this lecture. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do I bother ?!?
Apparently South Korea treats foreigners like dirt in terms of hierarchy. Crossing that shit off my list of places to live.
lol that was fucked up.