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I just hope it's not the same plot; cuz it'd be really weird if they killed his pet again.
No bullshit camera shaking or cutting the camera and zooming to the person getting hit or doing the hitting.
Gunplay in John Wick is the benchmark; it genuinely has the best fight scenes that involve guns. Fuck matrix or anything else.
People that haven't seen John Wick joke about the plot but really; it's not even that bad, the fight scenes/music/use of color are brilliant
This shit looks better than Harry Potter Chicago Roman Candle Streetwar via @YouTube
wasn't sure about it at first but 'girls born in the 90s' is 🔥🔥🔥
Incredible athlete, Djokovich fully deserved it
Fucking amazing, well done Djokovich, crazy consistency.
This match is draining me
Roddick lookin bare awkward on camera
It's like a chess game with these two, this match so far has been so sick
I want tie breaks for every set
I dont care who wins, just want an epic match
Poor Murray😭
Nah everyone has to watch 'always sunny in Philadelphia' its so jokes
I'm sorry?? They remade death note into a live action series? The movie was fine!
Man said he has the size of a giraffe but runs like a gazelle 😂#Wimbledonn
New dragonball series is out, inner child doing backflips
Nah these days fuck psn/sony
Nah legit, watch a serena game it's almost always a massacre😅
Serena is gonna crush some dreams today boii, shes a machine, should play against men tbh
Sharapova has aged😓still peng tho
Bruh I keep seeing miguel in Wimbledon
If Brown wins, he's going super saiyan
Peak for Nadal these days
Cmooon play some 4 hour game😈💀
Brown guy is pretty good, that hair must be heavy as shit after an hour of playin though
Watching 'it's always sunny in philadelphia', now I'm dyin for a beer 😫🍺☀️
If you don't think it looks good, you're in some deep denial.
Nah this is legit my favorite game right now Warframe_20150628171459 via @YouTube
RiP Destiny, game was decent for a few months
A bit young though ain't he?
This dude 'Tom Holland' is gonna be the new Spiderman .... hmmm
Dude said that to a kid(bullied his son)after he fucked up his dad in his front garden😂😭
'I'll come back and buttfuck your father with your mums headless corpse on this lawn' #TrueDetectiveSeason2 fucking yes!
New true detective, fuck yh finally
Korean girl from cloud atlas seems to be in it too
Sense8 is pretty damn good
Subtitles arent that bad
I know some people don't like to read but it fucks up immersion if everyone around the world speaks english #sense8
fucking OISTNB, can't stop tryna empathize with every character I see now, they're fucking scumbags !
I'm tryna watch spartacus and I've realized I can't take the whip seriously as a weapon anymore. Dudes just look like some gay dominatrix
walter white ink 😂
How can she say Jesus is a fag LOOOL
You can't really hate any of them

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