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Kill la Kill is the best anime right now
I don't like death metal, but I don't constantly talk about my dislike, or rant at people that enjoy it. Seriously, die.
If you don't like something, avoid it, nobody gives a fuck about your opinion on a show/person/music etc.. At least be funny when doing it.
I literally did this today...Oh look the Sun is out..*Shuts curtains*..
I literally just woke up thinking why do people enjoy bondage
He's Kira/Light and there's no L on other side.
Putin's playing like prince of tennis and everyone else is on badminton
Russians are fucking bad asses
Video: Funniest Prank Call: WWE PPV Prank On Wife! (Rewind Prank) [Audio] BEST PRANK CALL EVER… #WSHH via @WORLDSTAR
Got coursework and exams soon and I'm going out to piff, self sabotage ftw
Fam why are you so bored LOL (@3C75 live on
Seriously man, fuck shisha. I'm probably one pull away from black lungs
I don't really smoke but I wouldn't mind trying it from time to time. Not as bad as shisha anyway.
Anyone wanna go out for an espresso and a cigarette?
Ohh I see, all this fuss is over Sevastopol
And see now your bitch, she gon' work on that corner I don't care if that ho got pneumonia
That porsche hybrid is the best looking porsche I've ever seen, goddamn if I had a few billion lying around
Top Gear went to Burma !?
Trying to listen to oxymoron without looking like I want to stab a Disney character #trapworldproblems
My procrastination levels have reached an all time
That .... though.. <--- STOP THAT, JUST STFU
The more I watch Japanese shows, the more I realise how awkward their talking and mannerisms are.
Dinner is not the only time I'm too lazy.
Someone needs to start a franchise that delivers breakfast and lunch to your house.
It's so sunny out, feeling to go biking..