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Kill la Kill is the best anime right now
I don't like death metal, but I don't constantly talk about my dislike, or rant at people that enjoy it. Seriously, die.
If you don't like something, avoid it, nobody gives a fuck about your opinion on a show/person/music etc.. At least be funny when doing it.
I literally did this today...Oh look the Sun is out..*Shuts curtains*..
I literally just woke up thinking why do people enjoy bondage
He's Kira/Light and there's no L on other side.
Putin's playing like prince of tennis and everyone else is on badminton
Russians are fucking bad asses
Video: Funniest Prank Call: WWE PPV Prank On Wife! (Rewind Prank) [Audio] BEST PRANK CALL EVER… #WSHH via @WORLDSTAR
Got coursework and exams soon and I'm going out to piff, self sabotage ftw
Fam why are you so bored LOL (@3C75 live on
Seriously man, fuck shisha. I'm probably one pull away from black lungs
I don't really smoke but I wouldn't mind trying it from time to time. Not as bad as shisha anyway.
Anyone wanna go out for an espresso and a cigarette?
Ohh I see, all this fuss is over Sevastopol
And see now your bitch, she gon' work on that corner I don't care if that ho got pneumonia
That porsche hybrid is the best looking porsche I've ever seen, goddamn if I had a few billion lying around
Top Gear went to Burma !?
Trying to listen to oxymoron without looking like I want to stab a Disney character #trapworldproblems
My procrastination levels have reached an all time
That .... though.. <--- STOP THAT, JUST STFU
The more I watch Japanese shows, the more I realise how awkward their talking and mannerisms are.
Dinner is not the only time I'm too lazy.
Someone needs to start a franchise that delivers breakfast and lunch to your house.
It's so sunny out, feeling to go biking..
What would happen if you vaselined a whole elephant till it's skin was smooth.. Scientists need to ask these questions..
OIII Rukia's Bankai looks bad ass
This kid would've been so good with Nujabes. Bishop Nehru - Fickle Mind$: via @YouTube
Rick Ross - In Vein ft. The Weeknd: via @YouTube
Me and Sleep have a love hate thing, I just hate loving it,
Why is this guy releasing songs that are for summer and sunny days? I'm going through rain before exams thinking it's miami
'She wanna buy a dream; I said I don't sell it, but she can rent it for a night, I don't mind, open wide..'
Fuxk it, too tired to care about grammar
I've never feel as sleepy as I do in lectures, fml
JUST watched good will hunting, engrossed throughout, so many great scenes/quotables
Maybe it's too early in the morning but this song is a meh
Regardless of who you are, auto tune makes your sound trash.
My favourite show on netflix is back with a vengeance. #houseofcards
Ellen Page is gay!? After initial shock, I'm not that surprised..
Human farming, something so obvious... I can't believe I haven't heard of it before.
I've never questioned why the wolf didn't just eat red riding hood straight away. Why the hell did he go through the whole granny charade?!
Can't let these shifty japs steal my water and survival kit
I had a good schedule going a few weeks back, slept early and woke up early. Now I'm STILL up at 7am, like I'm in battle royale
I travel everyday to the other side of the world and sleep on the plane. It's the only way I can explain my sleeping pattern.
The Mclaren P1 ... Never felt this astonished at the genius behind a car. It's amazing..
If you don't watch Gaki No Tsukai and their Batsu games, you're not living right.
Me alcohol and japanese game shows having a 3 way.
How can I just find out it's reading week.
Fuck this weather, leaving my house in summer