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Bruh whats going on?! Why does this bus have seatbelts !?
Lyrics have never really changed but they should to be honest; same old theme. Still a good album though but could've been better
Biggest point was the he's gotta change his singing style to match some of the beats/songs. Can't have trilogy singing on pop songs etc..
The Weeknd - Beauty Behind the Madness ALBUM REVIEW #theneedledrop
Blim blam gave them that flim flam on #rickandmorty Never thought I'd make a sentence like that..
You know when people say the weapon isn't the problem; the person carrying the weapon is... fuck off... they're both the problem
Second avengers movie is just as good if not better than the first one
Some of them were fucking huge. Like the length of scientific calculators ._.
Should've taken a photo but I was just so fucking grossed out I had to leave. Turfed from my own garden ffs
was in my garden the other night and I must've seen an orgy of 200 slugs just slithering over each other near a tree. 0/10 do not recommend
Don't remember the last time I've seen a lemon instead of lime
The song angel baffles me though; feels like a karoake/long roadtrip type of song.
Bbtm is decent; needs few repeats to appreciate it though; for me anyway
I need some normal jeans or chinos...
Them 4am starts to the day
That swing is impressive but the shit afterwards; prodigy
Easily the best gif on the internet right now
I can't wait for automated tubes/trains; FUCK tfl/tube drivers. Replace all these lazy striking cunts
Anyone else feel like yawning when they read the word yawn ?
Cringed through that whole song
This is easily one of the funniest vid ever.. Chinese Streamer Plays Racist Duck Tales Theme on Stream via @YouTube
Atleast two bathrooms
Unless my house has three floors, I wouldn't pay $3000 for a coat
dude just threw a joint onto the less fortunate/disabled #saint
This is gonna be me when shits legalised Weed Jesus - Thug Life via @YouTube
'What if he smells crime!'😂
Sex Tape Advice with Dennis Reynolds via @YouTube
THE HATEFUL EIGHT - Official Teaser Trailer - The Weinstein Company via @YouTube
Because of the implication.
When a psychopath is in a sitcom #iasip
Can't wait for fallout 4, haven't used my pc in ages.
Litt got lit up on suits
FFS I hate studying so much; rather be working
oooph Now playing @xdannyxbrownx - Worth It
Best trailer trailer I've ever seen #deadpool
Dennis Threatens Dee Dennis is def my favorite character in all comedy atm.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Dennis "You haven't Thought of the smell!"... via @YouTube
Gotta listen to all types of music
My Love Will Never Die (Hozier) via @YouTube
Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene - Hozier via @YouTube
Been listening to Hozier so far this summer; especially the blues type songs; so fxcking good
nahh cmon the effort that's going in on these; someone make a game…
This had me creasinnnn, the bit at the end haha Back To Back First Reaction via @YouTube
The Memes, I don't even care about the music, all these memes are jokes…
I just hope it's not the same plot; cuz it'd be really weird if they killed his pet again.
No bullshit camera shaking or cutting the camera and zooming to the person getting hit or doing the hitting.
Gunplay in John Wick is the benchmark; it genuinely has the best fight scenes that involve guns. Fuck matrix or anything else.

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