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Missing aids, aren't I cute
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supernatural and sleep.. perfect night in..
Man I feel like shit!
long distance skyping someone after you haven't seen them in a few days is the best thing ever!
Today has been torture so far! 2 hours sleep and work since 4 😴👎
Dean: “What's a P.A.?" Sam: “I think it's kind of like a slave."
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Literally spend everyday with my girlfriend and now she's on holiday for 3 weeks.. No idea what ima do with myself😩
Follow my insta dont_g0 i follow back ✌
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Seeing someone you love cry is horrible!
we pretend we don't care when really it's all we think about
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Jsus fuck let me sleep! It's so hot
Okay so what funny fucker decided to turn my air conditioner off, turn my radiator on and put a heater in my room!? Nice one family👍
Weather is on point!🔥🌞
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Yeah fuck you room for being too hot! (Got myself an air conditioner)
"He's 24 Months Old" 2 Your Child Is Fucking 2.
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