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Missing aids, aren't I cute
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supernatural and sleep.. perfect night in..
Man I feel like shit!
long distance skyping someone after you haven't seen them in a few days is the best thing ever!
Today has been torture so far! 2 hours sleep and work since 4 😴👎
Dean: “What's a P.A.?" Sam: “I think it's kind of like a slave."
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Literally spend everyday with my girlfriend and now she's on holiday for 3 weeks.. No idea what ima do with myself😩
Follow my insta dont_g0 i follow back ✌
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Seeing someone you love cry is horrible!
we pretend we don't care when really it's all we think about
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Jsus fuck let me sleep! It's so hot
Okay so what funny fucker decided to turn my air conditioner off, turn my radiator on and put a heater in my room!? Nice one family👍
Weather is on point!🔥🌞
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Yeah fuck you room for being too hot! (Got myself an air conditioner)
"He's 24 Months Old" 2 Your Child Is Fucking 2.
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Meh people meh
Some people have no respect for the fact that others are in a relationship. Mainly guys trying to hit on girls that are taken.. Sort it out👍
@AidanHipkin haha i was eating pizza and the moment i looked at the screen i saw that and i knew it too xD
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There is something so relaxing about watching and listening to the rain on my window...
Seeing how happy my girlfriend was with her present has put a smile on my face! @dont_g0
Watching football with aidan and hector. Im such a boy.
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Literally had the best day aw
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What is it with people?!
Fucking traitor. As soon as Italy go out he's supporting Brazil
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The fuck did I just watch?
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What a beating from Germany!
You know something? Nobody ever does anything to be nice. They always want to get something out of it.
Rly want a Pokemon ball gear knob for my car!
Finally home!
I hate it when you're talking to someone and ur just asking loads of questions and getting one word answers.. Might as well talk to myself..
Another quote of the day from brad James 'because ebon if the CIA bust this gaff we're all fucked'
Some people are such cunts!
@jack66136 wonder who you want in the other half?
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your eyes are swallowing me mirrors start to whisper shadows start to sing
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