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House of wolves
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My foster brother is eating a banana and staring at me.. Halp!
Thinking out loud is such a good song👌
I need more check shirts!
@AidanHipkin: A&E here we come! @Sam_Churchman” ffs! 😩😫🚑♿️
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Anyone want tickets for aa at uea on the 22nd? Selling two ✌️
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everyone has someone who they'll always have feeling for no matter what
oh well oh well guess i'll see you in hell
That party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it, i danced my face off and had this one girl completely naked
living here and not having a car for 2 weeks sucks so bad!
I need Halloween weekend plan! I want to be heavily intoxicated
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My neck, My back, My Netflix and my snacks
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Oh my stomachs tied in knots
I find it hard to believe some of the bs that comes out of peoples mouths
i'll bite my tongue and swallow my words
Benjamin francis leftwich- Atlas Hands
Take me to the docks, theres a ship without a name there It is sailing to the middle of the sea
It annoys me when you explain something perfectly and then someone ask; what do you mean? FUCK OFF.
And i wont say, that i'm okay
Everything is stressful idk what to do anymore
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Awoba bobob What? I said what time is it now? No you fucking didn't you say awoba bobob @Sam_Churchman @Wilkinsjosephh
forever have a soft spot for scouting with girls
cannot stand people who think they're better than everyone else, just get over yourself🙅😴
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'To die would be an awfully big adventure'
Why do you do this to me? Why do you do this so easily?
Literally just for someone to show you they care or that they miss you is such a nice feeling
Today’s Forecast: Partially moody with a chance of I don’t like you.
It's weird how you can go from someone's everything to just a memory
if you're not happy in a relationship you should just walk away
It's nice when people do little things to show you they care
Aww isn't that fucking cute😂
Things are changing and idk how i'm going to react to that
So I'm sitting in my room as I try to write this song. I'm so sorry that it's not good enough. It's just that everything seems wrong,
want to do something today but idk what
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A spider just crawled out of my cuppa, no ty. #wankersatwork
What's the difference of never knowing at all? When every step I take is always too small.