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No more dreams without do u are dream that sit
منْ يحبكْ بصدقْ سيحادٍثكْ دون انْ ينْتظٍرْ انْ تحادٍثـه :) !!
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bya bya most wanted
ĩ ʼnәÉd ỳΦỰ ๓ỌґĚ ťЊÄŊ į ċaŊ TẶkĕ
And now .. I need to know us this real love?? or is it just madness keeping us float -_-
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Best friends do not judge each other.
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3 day ago I'm not talking with u
نبــي نطلــع مش جوو قعـدة في الحوش بكــل -_-
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ﻵ اله الا انت استغفرك واتوب اليكك ..
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