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Ahmad Anthony Rifai
Sleep Slee Sle Sl S Sl Sle Slee Sleep
Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.
"@jijaaaw :@ahmadrifai_nst but i dont like 'em" neither do I. deal?
"@jijaaaw :Many students in Indonesian doesnt know the difference between "THEN and THAN" and "A and AN" :v" including you! :p
No one ever says "It's only a game!" when their team is winning.
a handshake? Sure. a selfie? No Way!
Does anybody else read a Facebook status and think "who the hell cares?"
Sometimes you get tired of trying! Even when you're NOT ready to give up, you have to put self first!
Everything in life happens for a reason, so don't give reasons for what has not happened...
That awkward moment when you start telling a story and u realize no one's listening, so u slowly fade out
#Scorpio's stay until the end, even if the end is ugly.
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GOOD LUCK FOR YOU @WindyIDOL8! I'm pretty sure you'll be such a great singer in INDONESIA. Keep fightin'
Just because someone desires you, it doesn't mean they value you
ARGHH @maddijanemusic I'VE COMPLETELY GIVEN UP ON COVERING YOUR SONGS! haha you have such an amazing voice but my voice..........arghhh omfg
Goodnite everyone! have nice dreams.
sometimes I don't get why girls cant just say what their feeling
you @maddijanemusic are like the sun, shining bright, not even the cloudiest of days can hide your light! have a great day, Maddi
#Scorpio's go crazy for something or someone they believe in... passion oozes from their pores.
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If you're holding on too tight. Just let it go.
"@dwimegard :@ahmadrifai_nst thats right! I AGREE WITH YOU, and monday = bad luck (always)" everyone hates Monday
I've completely given up on using good grammar in informal situations I don't care who you are I'm not spelling things correctly for you
Are you an art lover? — hell yeah!