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Aled Haydn Jones
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Opportunity for YP to take part in @S4C prod about the lives of YP with @ahj. Must speak Welsh. Ask for details..Please RT!
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A week tonight is The Surgery's first Wednesday show! Put it in your calendar 😊@BBCR11 9pm#MidweekSurgeryy
Even in a year where we have a hot summer it STILL rains on Bank Holiday Monday! Is it time to accept we need to move the day?
For those on twitter at the moment (D&P fans) - thank you for the trend xxx
Aww sad times, @danisnotonfire and @AmazingPhil fans you've been good to me! @DrRadhaModgil and I will still be on The Surgery Wed 9pm x
Heading to @BBCR1 for last Surgery that has a handover with @danisnotonfire and @AmazingPhil :( pretty pleased with my leaving gift for them
I accept @MollieTheSats ALS #IceBucketChallenge AND I'll donate. I nominate chrismoylesofficial…
I see @MollieTheSats has nominated me to do the ALS #IceBucketChallenge hmm. Donating seems simpler...
Off to Birmingham for the day. Looking forward to seeing @tamsinmorgan and @carendavies it's been a while!
Very excited to discover that my new producers at @SomethinElse who will make the Surgery also make the audio for @TheEconomist #geek
Mac users might be interested in this funky app that changes your desktop colour to suit the time of day :)
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Anyone know how to tweet a calendar request?
Good luck with your GCSE results today! If you get a result you weren't expecting call 0808 100 8000 for advice.
Sat in @BBCR1 playlist. Nice to be back :)
3 minutes before the start of the film and I've developed a headache. This may not go well #IntoTheStorm
About to see #IntoTheStorm film - foyer had an Occulus Rift experience from inside a tornado which was amazing!
Surgery on @BBCR1 at 9pm - tonight we've got a career adviser in with us to help with career stress! 03700100100 on the phone or 81199 text
I'm going off competitions