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Aled Haydn Jones
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"Let them wed", we said in 1996. Nearly 20 years on, and the landscape is still divided
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The rain's properly back then 😔💦
That was one of the most fun Surgeries I've ever done! Thanks to everyone who called in, to @DrRadhaModgil and of course @Chris_Stark
Guy problems or problems with guys? Call @DrRadhaModgil @Chris_Stark and myself now on @BBCR1 03700100100 or 81199
Tonight's Surgery is a lads special! Guy problems or problems with guys. @DrRadhaModgil myself and @Chris_Stark to help @BBCR1 9pm
Watch or listen to any BBC TV or Radio channel at 8pm for something really cool
On a secret mission outside of London. (Not like a spy type mission, a radio one)
Want to come on @BBCR1 later and tell us why @TheBeautycrush should win best Vlogger at #TeenAwards? If so reply with #TABeautyCrush
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I'm hoping the fact that the tube driver re-opened the doors for me when I missed them is a sign today's going to be a very good day! 🚇
Busy day today working on @Alicelevine 's show, @BBCR1 #TeenAwards broadcast and a special project for the forthcoming @1Xtra Live event!
If you ever get to see @BoyBlueEnt perform The Five & The Prophecy of Prana in theatres go and see it!! It was incredible!!
Thanks so much to @ZozeeBo @DrRadhaModgil and everyone who called and text on anxiety and panic attacks. V interesting Surgery!! x
Tonight's show is going to be SO helpful! Spoken to @ZozeeBo who's on top form! We'll be talking panic attacks on @BBCR1 at 9pm #R1TheFear
Tonight's Surgery is all about anxiety and panic attacks from 9pm on @BBCR1 with @DrRadhaModgil and special guest @ZozeeBo #R1TheFear
I've done my lower back in. Agony!!! I now walk like a 90 year old. #goodlook
First time in 10yrs boyf saw a spider before I did, it sprinted in through open window, E lept off chair and threw it back out! gasp #MyHero
Tickets for the #R1TeenAwards will be on sale from 6:30pm tomorrow. Make sure you know what you need to do to get one
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I join @jameelajamil @BBCR1 tomorrow at 9pm to talk about The Fear - follow up on Wednesday at 9pm #R1TheFear with @ahj to hear from you
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The Surgery this Wednesday at 9 on @BBCR1 is all about panic attacks! Have you ever conquered them? #R1TheFear
I'm finding myself slightly obsessed with @ArianaGrande Break Free this morning. #Repeat
Another dull day in the office... bbcr1 alicelevine jameelajamil #R1LTA ltamusic @ BBC Radio 1 &…
Looking forward to seeing @LTAmusic in the Live Lounge later #R1LTA
I feel like posting some stuff on here and Instagram from work today. Anything you'd like to see? @LTAmusic #BBCLifts #studio #LiveLounge ?
Hate sitting in a room pre-DJ listening to the DJ before you play your set!
On my way to Cardiff to DJ for @cardiffstudents ! Love #CardiffFreshers14
It's Friday and we have @ahj from Radio 1 down for our 999 night. #WeLoveAled #CardiffFreshers14
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Penblwydd Hapus 75 Mlwydd oed @YsgolGymraeg
ON @BBCiPlayer NOW: From @BBCR1 - The Surgery with Aled and Dr Radha. Last night it was a teenage cancer special:…
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Dyfe hwna yw'r tro cynta mewn hanes i @BBCR1 cael 3 cyflwynydd Cymraeg ar y awyr un ar ol y llall? @ahj @huwstephens
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On tonight's show we're talking about Teenage cancer. If you have questions about this or have advice for others @BBCR1 at9pm! #R1TeenCancer
Was convinced I'd mastered @NICKIMINAJ words from Bang Bang until I did it them out loud. Err.. Not so much #PetShopBoys
@batey51: @ahj @Moshi_DJ Aled are you an iPhone dealer or something??” Ha good point. It's two boxes with their lids next to the boxes
That moment when you find out #HipHopMastermind drops tonight at 6.30pm on the @BBCiPlayer PUMP PUMP PUMP!
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Please watch @1Xtra #HipHopMastermind my first TV producer credit and I'm so proud of this show and the contestants!
A-MAZ-ING night. Wish I was a fresher again! Wish I could post videos on here - so funny! @GlyndwrUni you were brilliant!
Look who I'm sharing the stage with tonight! As you do. @UrbanFusion_UK @saraallenx @GlyndwrUni
Loved today's show with @Alicelevine on @BBCR1 now off to @GlyndwrUni in Wrexham to DJ! See you there!
Arriving into London, off to @BBCR1 HQ to produce @Alicelevine 1-4 with a Live Lounge from @Labrinthda1st #R1Labrinth
Congratulations @Reigningdays on album launch last night and thank you Torquay on being so brilliant! On way to train now back to London 💤
On the train now to Torquay to DJ at @Reigningdays album launch at The Venue. Looking forward to it!
The @1Xtra #HipHopMastermind screening went well with @BBCR1 & @1Xtra staff. V excited for you to see it! Coming Monday 6:30pm to iPlayer!
Big shout & #FF for Aled Haydn Jones DJing alongside us tonight for the #OperaOfLove album launch party. @ahj @BBCIntroDevon #Torbay #Devon
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