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Peter Ahama Simon
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.@gtbank And surely you could get someone - a human being - to email me explaining why. Not a form email that says nothing meaningful?!
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"@TWEETORACLE: How barca went from a team of treble fierceness to a mediocre team in just 4 months is beyond me"
"@KeanuReevesID: When I play my music, all my problems, stress, bad moods disappear, for a while."
"@FootyAccums: Man Utd have had three shots on target in two games... And they dont need a striker? "
"@SelfLearnings: "Only miss the sun when it starts to snow, only know you love her when you let her go." - Passenger."
You gotta break her heart often then mend it back just to keep the relationship healthy. It's all about balance."
I'm at this stage in my life, where if it doesn't ☑ Make me happy ☑ Make me better ☑ Make me money ❎ I don't have time for it ✌💯
I should like to hear your view. Although reasons vary, we can find what's the greatest cause of it in our society.…
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#Joey @Joey7Barton I'm so surprised you want to dance with me now. I was just getting used to living life without you around.
#OTWOLArrival One thing you can do better than anyone else, is be yourself.
#MondayMotivation One thing you can do better than anyone else, is be yourself.
#MondayMotivation One little mistake and everyone judges you.
#MondayMotivation More so, laziness is reason some persons end up becoming rapists. If a man works hard, he'll be lived by someone.
#MondayMotivation Distance doesn't necessarily ruin a relationship. You don't have to see someone everyday to be in love
Keep @Deborah_PFame in the competition with your votes. SMS 6 to 306 (Nig.) or 1745(Ghana). MTN line #MTNProjectFame8
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To escape eviction, @Richie_PFame needs your votes. SMS 17 to 1745 (Ghana) or 306(Nigeria).MTN line #MTNProjectFame8
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"@SpeakComedy: My level of maturity depends on who I am with"
"@DrakeNYC: Life becomes so much better when you decide not to care as much."
"@Ms_Enna: See the way I'm drinking Panadol for someone's relationship just because I fixed them up .. Hey God ��������"
I dont even like to follow any chick with a handle that starts with @pweety.. That's so LAME !
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"@engrossingfacts: Music and sleep are the two most effective ways to escape from everything."
#WannaKnow so dats all i got from your response to Drake Back to Back .. Bro no hating but u need to go back to the studio and do beta
I promise to stay if you promise to never leave.
"@SimplyMeID: You'll never be able to please everyone, so stop trying. Focus on pleasing the people who matter most to you."
"@UnrevealedTips: There is a free website called "essaytyper" that lets you type a topic and it will write the paper for you in minutes"
"@JustTumbIr: Right person, wrong time. I hate that."
"@LEGACYfied: Why is that they don't give Nigerian police Award #CelebrityBooking"
"@Factpot: No matter how much it hurts now, someday you will look back and realize your struggles changed your life for the better."
I will love you til a mute man tells his deaf friend about a blind man that saw a guy with no legs walking on water.
@afecute2 # pretty goodday hw are u doing....###
#MondayMotivation "I'm grateful, I'm humbled, I'm thankful, I'm honored...this is the birthplace of the game.
The person you took for granted today, may turn out to be the person you need tomorrow. #MondayMotivation
#MondayMotivation Underrated - Means good but not publicized as much as other shit,opposite of overrated.
#MondayMotivation We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do
"@JustTumbIr: Our generation is fucked up when it comes to trust, loyalty, and relationships."
"@classifiedfact: If someone gives you advice, respond with "you're right". It sounds more diplomatic than "I know.""
"@Boyfalcts: I wish common sense was more common"
"@factntips: Once you begin to dislike someone, everything they do tends to annoy you."
"@MusicsTexts: "I really wanna love somebody." - Maroon 5."
@LekeAlder Helo Sir, am having a hard time to understand every scripture of the bible, pls what can i do?
"@femalebook: sometimes i hate the way you act"
"@TheComedyHumor: Does anyone else listen to music really loud and have to pause it because you think someone's shouting your name?"
"@KenndrickLamar: When it comes to relationships staying faithful isn't an option, it's a priority."
I was smiling yesterday, I'm smiling today, and I will smile tomorrow simply 'cause life is too short to cry for anything.
"@femaIenotes: I was smiling yesterday, I'm smiling today, and I will smile tomorrow simply 'cause life is too short to cry for anything."
"@FactSoup: I've learned that I am still learning."
"@Iggy_AzzaIea: So I guess it ends here. We'll go our separate ways and hope that we'll see each other somewhere in the future."

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