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Aggro Santos
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I'm like the Mourinho of production. How did I miss that 1??? 😮
Fan is suing Fifa for £800million because bad referees make him ill. Yep:
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I thought macs were never meant to crash #dafuq
Good luck with your A Level results. Free Stay Dench for all Dench grade students! A-C's only. #ScreenShot
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Funny how I'm studio since 2pm and good shit only comes at 2am #dafuq
Back to gym and water diet starting today. Bin drinking too much fizzy drinks ...
Vocal editing for female pop vocals isn't no where near as straight forward as for raps, been working this vocal for hours. #production
I can't think of an industry which requires more patience n persistence then music.. I don't think it's for the weak
@aggrosantos Robin Williams. Grew up watching his films
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I never get phased or affected by celeb deaths but Robin Williams passing feels like losing an old relative for some reason . 😞
Only person who could forget meeting Robin lol “@SimonCowell: I wasn't thinking. So upset. I did meet Robin on Idol. Crazy.”
Just watched a full Robin Williams Stand up comedy on youtube… Didn't know he had that string to his bow. zzzzz time now!
Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.
Robin Williams both divorces cost him 20million dollars each and sparked off his alcohol problems. #lifeiscrazy
This just goes to show that money and fame don't always equal happiness. True happiness comes from the people you love, never forget that.
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Asphyxia for anyone who wants to know is basically choking yourself :(
How someone as talented and successful as Robin Williams would commit suicide is beyond me 😞. Don't take life for granted
Rest in peace Robin Williams. Your work got me through my childhood. Your legacy will live on.
Vibing in the studio.. Until something dope hits me...