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Aggro Santos
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Sorry to say Iggy n J Lo is cringe AF
Asked me if I do this everyday I said often ..👌
London fashion week was a vibe! Big up all in attendance!
Thoroughly enjoyed playing at the world famous London Fashion Week... Thank you to everyone who showed up!! It...
Girls change their best friend more than they change their underwear. Lads stay best mates despite knowing their mates are all idiots...
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Need food in the studio ...
Check out my boys gaming channel just started subscribe now ;)…
Speak less, Do more 👌
Mayweather fights are coming like WWE.. Some fake ass shit. Not watching this ever again
Feel sorry for Harry Kane comes on 79 mins 3 mins later scores an og haha poor lad #THFC
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@Keithshonas: @aggrosantos falcao” < it's ok to dream
So as i was saying, Diego Costa will be top scorer this season.. Some people still doubt it lol
@aggrosantos I can't believe he didn't just hand it to her on paper. It was not required to read that out. Google earth just crashed!
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Bet #OscarPistorius was firing imaginary shots at his barrister as he read out his current address for millions of viewers on live TV
Three Brixton shows sold out in under an hour, Holy shit
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If you've seen Ross Kemp in South Africa u do not want to be in a South African prison.You will be some1s #girlfriend #PistoriusTrial
He didn't even look pissed off when they read the verdict.. He actually looked quite relieved #manslaughter
He's being discharged of evrything else ... Bet he don't go prison
Guilty of culpable homocide... Not sure what that means
Sky news on. Popcorn out
Anybody who buys his version of events is simply a moron.
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I mean who locks the toilet door when they go for a piss in the middle of the night in their own house?
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You only lock the door if there is a crazed, gun wielding, jealous, irrational, egotistical angry lunatic on the other side.
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Who has ever gotten up for a slash in middle of the night, and not only locked the door but taken their phone with them?
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Again anybody who believes his crock of utter shite is a grade A moron. #Pistorius
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Can you get away with leaving a bomb in a bin then, by arguing they couldn't foresee anyone being nearby when it went off? #oscarpistorius
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@felicitygerry: The accused knew a person behind toilet door. Chose to use lethal weapon. #PistoriusTrial” < Guilty
Oscar pistorious barrister is gonna be walking through the chambers tomorrow 'can't touch this'
Slyly feelin FIFA15 demo
I've downloaded fifa15 now how da heck do I play it!!?
Who's playing FIFA 15 demo ?? Verdicts mofo
The internet is a wonderful tool, Use it to your advantage
Had a really productive meeting this morning. Im excited
Girls on snapchat be like: #add >Brazilianpapa
someone needs to invent a spray that kills dog farts #dyingouthere
@DRymez: £900 for an Iphone 6... Will you get one?” < never imagined a phone would cost as much as a tv or a low spec mac book even
Any 1 that try's to make you feel beneath them should immediately be removed from your life,wether you met them 5 mins ago or 5 years ago
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So @drdre just totally schooled everyone in how to arrive at an #AppleLaunch like a billionaire businessman.
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iPhone sales on a millions bar chart since 2010.. Averaging at 500-1,200 US dollars per device. #winning #apple
iPhone 6 #AppleEvent in 2.5 hours!!! Live coverage right here.
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