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kingg zayy
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Talking to zay just gets me even more excited for Florida 😈😈😈
Retweeted by kingg zayy
I start to think too much when its this late
You really know how to get on my nerves😪
There's very few that I trust with everything✊
Damn... its like that huh? 🆗
You're cute but boring😕
Hate being lied to😪
Caught those Subtweets👀
Who wants to make moves with me and nazhe tonight??😈
Tbh I hate talking on the phone..unless we are close
Girls will have over 300 unread messages from one day and still say their phone is dry😂
Moves moves moves for dayzzzz
Little does richie know..💀
Who's still up?👀
Making moves with the main everyday next week✊😈
I'mma go to Starbucks, in the mornin' for some coffee If it ain't a girl there, I won't buy no damn coffee
"@B_Swift_: whats with all these girls and fault in our stars" they gotta watch love story's since they cant live one
Do yall boys not realize thay being thirsty is highly unattractive too a girl...?
You cant post a thirst trap and then get mad when a bunch of boys try to hit you up...smh
"@Mblazei: @B_Swift_ even tho dis picture is a lie because I don't like u ........... ❤️" #LiesToldOnTwitter
You have to curve them before they curve you
If you got a 🍑 you my wcw
"@itsraachel_: OH MY GOSH ITS WEDNESDAY I MISSED CHURCH" the lord is gonna "miss" one of your prayers.. smh
Clearwater is the move for Saturday🌊😈
"@B_Swift_: @AgerIsaiah bro are my feet even that bad" yes. you got some harriet tubman feet. Feet ashier then chief keefs elbows😷
#HonestyHour tupac isnt dead.... im tupac
If you a lame that's a shame you cant hang with us
"@NutellaDope: Quote with a cute selfie and I'll retweet it. Follow everyone who favourites your picture :)"
"@B_Swift_: yall gay for that 7 for 26" you mad cause you cant afford it broke boy
If your girl mad at you get her the 7 for 26
Hate when people try to tell me who and who I shouldn't talk too..
You better feel special if I enjoy texting you because its rare for me
Never will I ever cry over a relationship..
I would rather have a lowkey relationship than a highkey relationship tbh
Why people crying like they not gonna see each other 2 months later...?
The booty is too bootyful🍑
Screenshots can help someone or ruin someone
Exam week= bumming every day😴
"@itsraachel_: My mom told me shed buy me and @AgerIsaiah dunkins tomorrow since its my last day ☺" ayeee✊😏
Need more people to text that isnt annoying or boring😪
The ugliest girls be walking around like they run shit✋😂
Oomf needs to text me🙏
You are so damn cute😍🔥🔥