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Ryan Penagos
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In the #OriginalSin chat, @TomBrevoort just showed the last page of the series...
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You guy should totally get #RocketRacoon issue 2, specifically for that @AgentM name drop... Or just get it because it's an amazing series
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Stan Lee really wasn't thinking about his social media strategy when he gave Spider-Man that hyphen.
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To my fellow Penagos' (like you, @VanessaMP), pick up Rocket Raccoon #2 comic book today for a fun mention.
I blinked a few times but I'm pretty sure that it's @AgentM in the pages of today's Rocket Raccoon #2
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Shaking my fist at the person involved with the @ZombiesRunGame 5K app that decided to add skipping to the training.
Had a blast at the #TNALive show. Super fun! Thanks, @Lagana!
Photo: The #TNALive main event is Team 3D vs The Hardys vs The Wolves. Pretty great! #wrestling
There's a six man tag match that's just proof cruiserweights need more TV time in wrestling. So great. #TNALive
And @THETOMMYDREAMER just showed up to #TNALive! It's been a rad show!
There's a young lady with a flip phone taking pics and blocking views at the #TNALive show. She's a mystery.
NOT YOU TOO, JOE! RT @SamoaJoe: @AgentM thats how we do man, Hail Hydr.... err thanks...
Watching the TNA crew put up a steel cage. Rad! #ImpactLive
Helluva great match between @SamoaJoe & @OneWorldWarrior at this @IMPACTWRESTLING NYC show!
Oooh! Tajiri is wrestling the @IMPACTWRESTLING NYC show tonight! Hell yeah!
At the @IMPACTWRESTLING NYC show. Psyched! But I see at least 3 guys in the crowd with the TNA world title. Who is the true champ?!
I got through most of my to-do list today.
I wish Spidey would swing by and bring me white castles
Writing a guest blog post for @thinkgeek about my time visiting the #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy set.
Hang with Marvel's favorite fowl in October with a new printing of the #HowardTheDuck Omnibus:
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My response to some AWESOME Marvel comics news I just learned: "GTFO" #seeeekrits
When we hit 1 million followers on the @Guardians Facebook -… - I'll just HAVE to share more digital comics codes.
wait they made a movie about tornadoes, but there's no sharks in the tornado? come on hollywood
I may be able to see The Warriors AND Monster Squad on the big screen in the same week? Thanks, @AlamoNYC!…
Oh man, @astro_reid's photos of Earth from space are just wonderful.
Got to work, and found a package from @ronxo on my desk. And its contents made my day. #alwayswatching
Came home from @Guardians and immediately watered all of the plants... @AgentM #IAmGroot
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Trying to get my Guardians of the GHOULaxy idea approved. It's @Guardians, but with draculas and frankensteins and wolfmans.
cappuccino flavored potato chips?
that leftover cold chinese food may not have been my best choice for lunch
Learn more about the characters featured in @Guardians by reading their comic book adventures:
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Finest hour: When I got @Marvel to print a cover w/ a raccoon & a dog. @Guardians #15 (2009) by Salvador Larroca!
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Can I just have WWE 2K15 now, please?
In "Guardians of the Galaxy" the right props and costumes make all the difference #icymi
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Come and get your love.