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Ryan Penagos
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In the #OriginalSin chat, @TomBrevoort just showed the last page of the series...
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You guy should totally get #RocketRacoon issue 2, specifically for that @AgentM name drop... Or just get it because it's an amazing series
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Stan Lee really wasn't thinking about his social media strategy when he gave Spider-Man that hyphen.
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To my fellow Penagos' (like you, @VanessaMP), pick up Rocket Raccoon #2 comic book today for a fun mention.
I blinked a few times but I'm pretty sure that it's @AgentM in the pages of today's Rocket Raccoon #2
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Shaking my fist at the person involved with the @ZombiesRunGame 5K app that decided to add skipping to the training.
Had a blast at the #TNALive show. Super fun! Thanks, @Lagana!
Photo: The #TNALive main event is Team 3D vs The Hardys vs The Wolves. Pretty great! #wrestling
There's a six man tag match that's just proof cruiserweights need more TV time in wrestling. So great. #TNALive
And @THETOMMYDREAMER just showed up to #TNALive! It's been a rad show!
There's a young lady with a flip phone taking pics and blocking views at the #TNALive show. She's a mystery.
NOT YOU TOO, JOE! RT @SamoaJoe: @AgentM thats how we do man, Hail Hydr.... err thanks...
Watching the TNA crew put up a steel cage. Rad! #ImpactLive
Helluva great match between @SamoaJoe & @OneWorldWarrior at this @IMPACTWRESTLING NYC show!
Oooh! Tajiri is wrestling the @IMPACTWRESTLING NYC show tonight! Hell yeah!
At the @IMPACTWRESTLING NYC show. Psyched! But I see at least 3 guys in the crowd with the TNA world title. Who is the true champ?!
I got through most of my to-do list today.
I wish Spidey would swing by and bring me white castles
Writing a guest blog post for @thinkgeek about my time visiting the #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy set.