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Against Suicide
Everyone just wants to feel important to someone.
RT if you want to get a tattoo that has a powerful meaning to you.
I don't know why more people aren't just nice to people. That nice thing you do could be the only good thing that happens to them that day.
It tears me apart to see so many lovely people feel like they need to bleed to feel something.
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Live for you. Not for what people want from you. Don't try to be what people think you should be. Eat, dress, and be what you want.
Your worth isn't based on a number. It doesn't matter what your grades are or what your weight is.
Don't let the standards you've made for yourself control you. You're allowed to eat. Please eat. You need it.
You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.
Daily reminder that it's okay to put yourself first.
I don't understand why a popular clothing brand continues to promote dangerous disorders and tragic events. Shame on you, Urban Outfitters.
Happiness is something you have to find in yourself. It's not hiding. Sometimes it's just a little lost.
Being happy doesn't have a certain standard you have to meet. You can be happy, no matter what you are. Please realize that.
You can try to starve yourself to "perfection" but perfection doesn't exist. You're just going to keep chasing something that you can't get.
Shoutout to @xcinnamoniall for my new icon! Go tweet them what you think of it :)
These are two of my favorite icon/logo submissions I received! RETWEET for 1 and FAVORITE for 2 😊
Things you don't point out about people.
It's scary how fast you can go from wondering why people hurt themselves to wondering why hurting yourself makes you feel better.
The ones that seem so unbreakable, break. And it's always when you least expect it to happen.
Depression is like being trapped in a cage. It doesn't have a key. But that's the thing. If you want to get out, you have make your own key.
You failed your finals. You gained some weight. You’re single again. You lost your job. So what? You live. You try again. That’s what.
Who hurt you so much that you started to hate yourself?
$7.00 from each purchase goes towards suicide prevention!
Guys I really want to order everything off of @sevenly's website right now but I'm too broke haha so make sure you do!!!
If anyone knows of any clothing/merchandise that raises awareness/money for mental health awareness, let me know! :)
Shut up about the 9/11 conspiracies and realize that people lost people they loved. People lost a part of them that day they can't get back.
@AgainstSuicide I lost my uncle because of 9/11 he was a fireman #RIP to people who also didn't make it🙏.
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This tweet goes to the 2,977 people who lost their lives 13 years ago. I wish I could list each of you individually. #NeverForget
How can someone fake a suicide. That's so sick and twisted. It's not okay.
Suicide isn't selfish. What's selfish is the fact society makes people feel so upset that they want to end their lives. #SuicideAwarenessDay
I'm thinking about ordering bracelets to sell to you guys. Favorite this is you'd be interested! :) #SuicideAwarenessDay
RT this to help spread awareness of this campaign! Let's raise awareness everyday like we do today. #SuicideAwarenessDay
Here's to the ones we lost. Here's to never forgetting them. Here's to making sure it never happens again. #SuicideAwarenessDay
This number could save someone. A retweet is only a second to you. It could be a life for someone else. 1-800-273-8255 #SuicideAwarenessDay
RIP to the ones that didn't get saved. I'm so sorry you didn't know how much people care, even complete strangers. #SuicideAwarenessDay
I hope you guys don't mind, but I'm planning on tweeting a bunch of stuff tonight! Suicide Awareness Day is SUPER important to me 😊
Shoutout to the people fighting mental illnesses right now and they keep going. You're the real MVP. #SuicideAwarenessDay
RT if you've ever lost someone to suicide. #SuicideAwarenessDay
Be nice to people. If you love someone, tell them. Just care. You never know what demons someone is fighting. #SuicideAwarenessDay
We recently lost a great soul to this terrible thing. I hope it helps people realize this is serious. #SuicideAwarenessDay #RIPRobinWilliams
It's #SuicideAwarenessDay. Be nice. Be a friend. Not just today, but everyday.
You need to do this for yourself. You don't need anyone else's approval. You need to get better for YOU. Because your health is important.
Good things to tell yourself everyday 👌
Suicide Awareness Day is on Wednesday. Spread the word!