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★★Stylez AJ★★
women 18,355 followers
Who trynna b on a feature with me?
Imma nigga! U won't ever catch me wearing no damn Chanel
Rich nigga shiiiiiiiit!!!
My bitches take money!!
I smell Ramon Noodles. The good one 😋
I can't believe I asked "why?"... Lol caught me slipping
I could be so cut right now n leak these text messages, but I ain't no ass hole foreal... So lemme chill
These bitches b looking for a nigga to save em... Too bad I can't b yo superman 😩
No baseball, but if she think that she safe, she get deleted like backspace. Now she just old news, something sourta like #MySpace - AJ
I asked her "is u with me 4 me, or is u with me 4 my money?" She say "boy u silly" but I don't see nothing funny... -AJ
AJ so cool... if you blind, you could see him. I got a bad bitch, n she suck me to the cemen - AJ
I got bitches for days, n niggaz by my side. That's ready to spray 💢🔫 boy they will take yo life - AJ
My nigga don't tell under pressure ✊💯
Gotta get right 4 a nigga try to lead me left
Over time starts tomorrow ✊
Females love to b cuffed in the winter time cuz us men can keep them warm... #ItMakesSense now 💯
I b hearing people talking about cuffin seasons at my job... What day does that start so I can jump on that bus? Lol 😩
I shoulda worked some OT today to set up for my next paycheck. It's cool tho, I'll just start tomorrow. Gotta get this money
The hunger is real right now 😩
Watch out for my lil bro. Im putting the whole crew on
That's just so ... Interesting to me
Damn... I know atleast 4 of my friends that's at the Browns game
Well... Let's see if the Browns can win this week. Good luck guys
Wow... That's all I can say
Trap, trap, trap!! Like @IAmRichTheKid would say
Everything changed for @MigosATL after the boys raided that #BANDO. Watch the short film now:
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@IAmRichTheKid: Walk around wit juelz no dipset 💎”
Guess I might go to this kick back tonight after work
If a nigga try to rob me... He gone be salty! 💢🔫
@IslandNik: I love when Jamaicans say "Talk di troot"....”
All... I... care ... about is money! All... I... care... About is hundreds! 💵💵
@Mike_Perfect: It's cold as fuck outside Boi”
"Thug Life" got the hoes I see 👀 lol
@DrewCastleberry: Remember who you are to me”
“@Blasian954: If someone wants to be with you, they'd show it.”
Don't let ur past experiences, predict your future
@LiveLove_enJoi: Enjoi cover dropping tonight 🙈👑👠”
All she needs is a nigga who ain't gone play or hurt her
@axoxhh: Word to Pac , keep your head up ..”
@Pretty_LilCutie: Having a baby in a happy, stable relationship with somebody you love gotta be amazing man.”
@LiveLove_enJoi: I'll hold you down 💪💚💍”
That pussy so wet, I think she got shot in the coochie with the oozy 💦
Chipotle today 😋 it's going