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★★Stylez AJ★★
women 18,355 followers
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Most of these bitches aint mine!
I couldn't sleep 4 nothing last night
She aint shit... Thats bae tho 😏😂😝
You know these hoes Wishy Washy!!
It ain't nothing for me to style on these hoes. I got that hospital flow (sick), plus I stay hotter than the stove! 🔥🔥
I ain't trynna fall out with money. Im just trynna ball out with money!! 🏀💵
Put the money to the front, and the hoes to the back/ put the niggas to the side, n u keep it like that!/
Had a cool movie date last night
Its Friday right?? Turn up!
@Dory: i make sure i'm protected. ain't nobody trying to catch Ebola
Time moving so freaking slow man
@nbrappersanger: Be yourself.Who else is better qualified?”
@posh_becky: Everybody that claim they real not real.”
All I care about is money 💵
I don't even save people's number no more. They here today, n gone tomorrow. #RealTalk
@CONSCIOUSBEATS7: “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.””
@BlackTarzan__: Females love saying “mhmm” & “i guess” 😩😭”
@DeezOnThaBeat: The Prettiest Girls Have The Saddest Stories 😪💯”
@Pretty_LilCutie: I just gotta start being honest and say, I'm cool bruh. Not interested”
The Browns did some damage today booooy
@Lv_theking: "@BigggPAPAA: “@CallMeTinaMarie: 💙” 😻😩🔥💦" the reason I love light skins”
My mixtape is almost complete ✊
I got yo bitch...dick whipped, dick whipped, dick whipped
@CallMeTinaMarie: Small circle⭕️, fuck nigga we ain't homies.”
These niggas eating bitches pussy, n they ain't worthy
Akon crowd surfed in a plastic bubble to avoid catching Ebola. I'm sorry but this got me weak as hell
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👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌👌👌
Oh yeah I'm working on my next mixtape #Style101 just wait on it 🙌👌
Oh yeah u beautiful/ look innocent like an angel/ but really u just a devil/ waiting to make yo next move...
At first I wanted you/ girl it's the truth/ but after seeing how u move, I'm glad I ain't fill those shoes/ 👟 - AJ
@Kushh_Kane: @StylezAJ -Check this out, DOWNLOAD & Let me know How You Like It! 😎�…9j 🔥🎶”
Who trynna b on a feature with me?
Imma nigga! U won't ever catch me wearing no damn Chanel
Rich nigga shiiiiiiiit!!!
My bitches take money!!
I smell Ramon Noodles. The good one 😋
I can't believe I asked "why?"... Lol caught me slipping
I could be so cut right now n leak these text messages, but I ain't no ass hole foreal... So lemme chill
These bitches b looking for a nigga to save em... Too bad I can't b yo superman 😩
No baseball, but if she think that she safe, she get deleted like backspace. Now she just old news, something sourta like #MySpace - AJ
I asked her "is u with me 4 me, or is u with me 4 my money?" She say "boy u silly" but I don't see nothing funny... -AJ
AJ so cool... if you blind, you could see him. I got a bad bitch, n she suck me to the cemen - AJ
I got bitches for days, n niggaz by my side. That's ready to spray 💢🔫 boy they will take yo life - AJ
My nigga don't tell under pressure ✊💯
Gotta get right 4 a nigga try to lead me left