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★★Stylez AJ★★
women 18,355 followers
Let's get this money 💵💵
@imTheRealBonita: Fuck the iPhone6 but ima get it though 😂”
Omg! 😂😂 toaster strudel commercial tho. She silly lol I should get it for her tho
Y people lie so much? Can somebody answer that for me? 😒 I just wanna know ...
@ItsNee__: People give too much energy hating and disliking the next person .”
These females lie just as much as these niggas out here... Smh
I'm at the point where I just don't give no fucks nomore. When I'm nice n quiet, people mistake It for weakness.
So when my niggas b telling me I'm too picky, I just sit back n laugh.
This how relevant my stories are... Two white bitches tried to have a 3some with me on Friday, September 5th, 2014.
Niggas couldn't even get a handshake, but I got the buns 😂😂 now that's what really b having me cracking up... If only they knew 😏
I done fucked females that niggas couldn't even shake they hands... Come on now
I'm so picky with these females cuz I know I'm the shit!
I can't be yo superman *Eminem voice*
I don't give these bitches the time of the day, cuz half the time they just want a nigga cuz they see I got money. Fucking #Golddigger 😂😂
@KyleTheCaveman: You must remember fucking me like anytime you want..”
@Blasian954: So many flavors, and you decide to be salty.”
But I'm too humble. I don't let none a that stuff get to my head. I'm still that cool boy AJ
I don't recall the last time going out somewhere n a female didn't compliment me on the way I dress 😕
Every time u see me, u know I be fresh 😎 I just be styling on these hoes...
I ain't the sexiest nigga in the world, but I know I'm handsome n I damn sure dress better than half these dusty ass niggas 😩
Shout out to all the Miss Independent ladies out there 🙌
@Loveyungcotta: Females that Grind .... I Love Em 😘😘😘”
I haven't had chipotle in a minute
Well thank u @Blasian954. U just helped me out without knowing it
If u hold in yo emotions n keep em guessing, I bet they'll choose u. Cuz they will b anxious to "find" out exactly how u feel about them 💯
Sounds fucked up, but y'all know it's true tho...
I think I might have just broke the secret to get a female... Text them back whenever u feel like it 😂 don't show them that u care lol
A guy can text y'all females all fucking day long n it don't mean shit. But let a nigga don't pay y'all no attention n y'all b on his dick
It's all in the retweet. I just proved my point that fast lol just when I was feeling bad, I see that shit on my timeline... Oh wow 😂😂
Well y'all see that? That's exactly y I think like I think... Cuz females always fall for the niggas who don't show no type of care for them
@Blasian954: But he doesn't know how to text back so fuck him.”
@Blasian954: There's only one dude I TRULY care for.”
Damn man... I need to quit being so picky dude smh
Gotta new mind set ✊💯
@BIGPimpin_Bre: Don't watch me, you better watch yo bitch nigga 👊👀👊”
@cavs: #Cavs sign forward Shawn Marion (@matrix31). [DETAILS]: #AllForOne” 😧 we gotta squad!!
If u r talking hoe then I won't speak to ya. Cuz all these hoes tell like Expedia!
I told my inside niggas, "no outsiders"
I'm the type to play these bitches to the left. If she don't get right, I go right around her...
I ain't even nothing on my lunch break 😕
Damn... This old dude damn near throwing up his lungs in the bathroom 😷
It's this thing called "time"... N I ain't bout to waste mines
It's this thing called fake... N I'm allergic to it.
@frecklesNass: @StylezAJ rallys at that” Right tho 😒. But they fries be banging!
Didn't I say I was gone stop eating fast food? 😕
Fuck wrong with this girl man? Lol 😂�
Well I always spoil em anyways 😕 lol
My next gf is gonna b a spoiled brat. Cuz Imma spoil the fuck outta her 😂😂