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★★Stylez AJ★★
women 3,713 followers
Gettin all this overtime money 💰💰
@GorgeousDaniD: WE gon switcharoo yo hoe😜”
@AnonymousUser__: ✋ Everybody need to be their self 👌”
@Gianwilliams: I get no females. Idk why everyone thinks I have "bitches"”
It's another rainy day at work. Jacket? Check! Hat? Check!
@GorgeousDaniD: Yeah I got fears...Being broke that shit scares me😖”
She cross my mind every time I go to a gas station
Do I miss Bryana? Ofcourse I do ...
@DrewCastleberry: Im gonna have a mixtape release party”
Real eyes, realize, real lies 👀
The browns is still shitty I see
I tried I tried I tried to much/ I cried I cried I cried too much/ Then I came to my senses like "WTF"/ 😒 then them dueces came up ✌️
Save that shit for them other niggas
She done fell 4 a nigga n I love that shit 😏 now I can prove everybody wrong *rub hands together*
Aaaaaye she coming to see me today 🙈🚗💨💨 turn up!! 😊
Damn shuttle making me late again. Imma start complaining about this shit
Thinkin bout gettin some more tatts on Friday
Y'all remember that trapped in the closet?? @rkelly is a freaking beast!!
@sexkeeappeal: Quit being who people want you to be and be who you are.”
🐸☕️ "None Of My Business" will be dropped soon. Be on the look out.#LevitationEntt