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Angela J. Ford
Have Your Ever Felt Underrated?
5 Steps To Releasing Judgements About Others…
How to Easily Double Your Traffic from Social Media via @Kissmetrics
If you make the time investment and commitment, you’ll certainly see results.… via @aford21
Enjoying watching @JeffGoins at the #SelfPubSummit with Chandler Bolt - excellent session #selfpublishing #digitalsummit
“Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” - Joseph Campbell
What Clash of Clans Can Teach You About Enterpreneurship
Thanks for joining us in #CoChat! Next week we talk breathing new life into your blog. :)
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A5: Failing to find my unique voice #cochat
A3: Challenge yourself to continuously find new curation sources--preferably ones your competitors don't use. #cochat
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A2: I've using content curation to both learn and share great content with my readers. Win-win situation. #CoChat
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A2 Curation helps you share the best of the best to build your audience. There is credibility in sharing others’ content. #cochat
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A1 Research could be fact checking your topics you've already mapped out #cochat
Hello everyone - Angela here tweeting in from Nashville where there is almost literally a musician on every corner #cochat
It's been too long excited to be joining #cochat today!
If you plan on having a successful life, start by planning your day. @marieforleo
Connect your MailChimp list to your Facebook page and bam! Grow your list!… via @bluetailtweets
Never before have we had such incredible and successful options to work from home, around family.… via @aford21
We're not #Beyonce and people aren't waiting with 'bated' breathe for our sig programs...yet. via @Sharice_C
Stopping into #tennesseebrewworks today for @AllisonBencar filming of House Hunters - enjoyed a great…
My friend @JeffGoins is talking tonight on "How to Turn Pro as a Writer". Check it out (free):
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Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are. ~ Kurt Cobain
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Honored to be part of a one of the best chats I've ever been in.Great people, information, some laughs and plenty to think about. #justhaves
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ok everyone one more question left!!! so much great convo we ran over....that means it was a good one!! #justhaves
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Struggling with promoting your creative business? Get the FREE Authentic Promotion Guidebook: by @nelchee
@KellyWonderlin @JNSantaniello Trick is to break it up In small chunks and give yourself a small treat for finishing each one. #justhaves
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A8: I started working for myself 2 months ago, really helps to plan my days and be flexible when I need to #JustHaves
A8 It is so easy to lose yourself in a job. Make sure you remember what makes you feel alive and pure joy. #justhaves
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A8 Make sure you designate time every day to do something you love. Even if it is just 10 minutes a day biking, reading etc. #justhaves
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A client once asked me, "how could you manage 4 kids & a successful business?" I replied, "because nobody told me I couldn't" #justhaves
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@aford21 Webinar book club on Betty Friedan's "The Feminine Mystique?" Who is interested?
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WLB is not a 50-50 split to be successful. Everyone has their own special ratio. Finding it is what makes life fulfilling. #justhaves
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A6 All is a mindset...depends on how you define "all". Is it your definition or society's? #justhaves
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A6: I think it depends on the definition of "having it all" what does to mean to me, individually to have it all #JustHaves
RT @DebbiKing @JNSantaniello My opinion is men. Women are programmed to put everyone before themselves. Very hard to find balance #justhaves
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A5: Men I think - they don't get as emotion my connected and bogged down as women do #JustHaves
loving all the input so far!! halfway through and a ton of great tips and conversation! #justhaves
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A4: As I grow older my priorities change, work is not just about making money, my actions are more deliberate and meaningful #JustHaves
I love this quote from @richardbranson “We are human beings not human doings.” I try to keep this in mind always. #justhaves
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A3: Personal growth and development, business growth and development and nurturing creativity! #JustHaves
Just now joining a little late 😳#JustHavess
What is your Defining Moment?

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