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Aris has been around a VERY long time... I, IMMORTAL #SciFi #Fantasy
What if your story is too incredible to be true? Label it #SciFi & publish it on Amazon! The God Inside
He holds the key that will open the door to humanity's survival. JAIK #SciFi Just Published!!!
Build your own #Aviary with tools you have in your garage at a fraction of a cost for your #birds! Just $5.00 !!
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Give a #massage gift certificate in the #Houston #Galveston area to someone that deserves one! 19 Years Experience!
Waking up naked on a beach minus your memories and your ink. Meet JAIK #SciFi #Superhero Just Published!!!
A mover, an illusionist, a teleporter, a healer, a seer,and a very exclusive club... AUTOKINESIS
OH YES, You may certainly feel worthless to one person, BUT..ALWAYS REMEMBER you are PRICELESS TO ANOTHER!! ♥♥♥
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BACK TO BIENVILLE, A JOURNEY INTO WELLNESS @M_P_Matthews THANKYOU for writing this book,was a privilege to read it,worth more than 5 stars❤️
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Treat for ur lil master @MehrTarar-I know u 2 dont share anything except the eternal love for each other-so ordered 2
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The Body Glove is my best seller about an unusual friendship and a world in need of a hero #SciFi #Superhero
Not your average 2600 year old Spartan #Vampire !! VRIKOLAKAS
Welcome To The Family by Caroline F. Levy Grab your copy now, & be ready for Protecting the Family… via @amazon
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Does man deserve a second chance?DEVOLUTION #Dystopian #Kindle #SciFi
Taking my wwoofers sightseeing and on a bushwalk to a beautiful waterfall. Have a great weekend 😃
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The 80's were never like this. The Body Glove #Superhero #SciFi Body Glove II is out as well!
A man, a camcorder, a bunch of crazy lunatics doing #stunts on #sportbikes & a few summers produced this DVD
Check out 1/2 CT Black Diamond Stud Earring 14k Gold (ONLY ONE! NOT A PAIR!) #Stud… via @eBay
Innocence, Lust and Murder. CRAVING SHANNON #erotic @Steamy Pre-order your copy today
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Thanks to everyone who came by The Author's Show, or who retweeted it! I appreciate your support. #IARTG #indieauthor
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going to the authors event Jan 31 2015 library will be posting videos of me there!
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A stack of new comics and a buck of kfc. I'm in heaven. :-)
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The God Inside is about what happens when one man discovers that there are NO limits. #SciFi The God Inside
He holds the key that will open the door to humanity's survival. JAIK #SciFi Just Published!!!
A group of unusual friends out to save the world. AUTOKINESIS #scifi #superhero #paranormal 57
Eric's epic journey continues in the Body Glove II #SciFi #Superhero #Action
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#Poetry that crosses the vastness of space rides dragons and loves with the passion of the Gods.
Check out my interview with @BlueHarmonie An inspiration for women world-wide. Any woman (or man even) who has...
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My custom made #RopeLadders are built to last & $10.00 from every sale goes to charity!
Two lifes hang in the balance, Two women convicted of murder. Only One may survive. #99cents #asmsg #ian1 #spangaloo
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Why Does Walking Stimulate Creative Thinking?
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A #Vampire Wolf? A Vampire's best friend! VRIKOLAKAS #Action #Paranormal
He has to survive long enough to save humanity. JAIK #SciFi Just Published!!!
#Kitty Haven desperately needs your support! Please help!! #GoFundMe !!! =^.^=
I hand make Large Parrot / Monkey / Bird #RopeLadders & $10.00 from every sale goes to charity!