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John Galt
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Pot Stocks Crash as a Result of SEC Suspensions… Spurred on by @WolfOfWeedST, @timothysykes, and their criminal gangs
Marijuana Stocks: 2 More to Avoid [VIDEO]… via @themotleyfool
What SEC Crackdown on Small Cap Marijuana Stocks? $PHOT, $CANN, $ERBB, $CBIS & $MJNA… via @SmallCapNetwork
The mystics of spirit curse matter, the mystics of muscle curse profit.
Exposing The #wolfpack 's Lies & How I Knew $SPLI $MINE $FRTD Would Tank… via @timothysykes
#WolfPack and Dror Svorai are SCAMMERS So Is $SPLI. **************READ******************…
Not sure we've seen a #PotStock SCAM quite like $WNTR before.
Tell me why I shouldn't report you to SEC right now. Don't celebrate Easter or 4/20 so I have time. @PadrePioMusical
I feel like inventing something and not sharing it with the rest of the world.
I've decided I dislike this social media thing. Most of you are worthless. No offense.
Kevin, you have bottles of olive oil that cost $300 and they're not even medicated? @kevinolearytv
Lori, can I buy a goal on QVC yet? @LoriGreiner
Mark, there's this nasty rumor going around the internet saying you've sold out, please tell me it's not true. @mcuban @CyberDustApp
Without facts anything is possible.
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a polyether compound, PEG is also known as polyethylene oxide or polyoxyethylene. @OldKid56 @DigitalTrends
These aren't the neo-Nazis you're looking for...
I'm not a professional analyst (yes I am) but I'd bet those losers over at @NewsBreaker are heavily invested in some shitty pot stocks.
If TV is the idiot box then what are movies?
Securities Fraud Accusations And Misrepresentations Leave $SPLI Vapor Group Up In Smoke…
How much will @WolfOfWeedST's stocks be worth after the FBI shows up at his door? Answer please.
The investigation involved a series of wiretaps that resulted in the interception of more than 60,000 phone calls and 24,000 text messages.
"Fourteen Arrested for Market Manipulation Schemes That Caused Thousands of Investors to Lose More Than $30 Million"…
Is Twitter A Market Manipulator’s Dream?…