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Adrianne Curry
Sketch by Becca Whitaker. Pretty good!
Carving my pumpkins this Devils Night....just roasted the seeds with some cajun seasoning...yum!
I love my Asshole Fuckface cat of America, but he NEVER stops meowing...EVER #AFFCA #Catsomnia #cats
A reality TV star past her prime #Scary "@fitdug84: what are you going to be for Halloween?"
Going to @StanLeeComikaze ? I'll be at the cosplay contest friday,fashion show @JonSchnepp panel sat morn& GOT panel
What made this rushed final season of @BoardwalkEmpire worth watching was the phenomenal acting of @MarcPickering . He NAILED Steve Buscemi
Those photos being out and on sites are there without my consent and without any form signed for it to be ok. Lawyer time
I'll be MIA from twitter as I try to process why someone did this. Was my photog hacked, does he hate me? Either way, I signed no release
I feel violated and humiliatef.shots I never would have shared are everwhere. I've been doing this for years...thus has never happened b4
Professional photos I took have been leaked raw.. without my approval all over the net. 113 leaked pics I've never even seen.
My exciting Monday night...on film
I have been saying this for years. Astrology nails our personalities by seasons we are born in #Science…
This beautiful lovely....brought this man food, clothes and shoes at a highway ramp. I had to share...
Please! "@sefy: @AdrianneCurry @KittCrusaders I'll make a small donation just because it's you, not for the photo :)"
Want this pic signed for a small donation2the kitties? Click link, donate! @KittCrusaders
I love Tyreese SO much on @WalkingDead_AMC & like every other character I've loved, I expect him to die a horrible death #Dale #Hershel
I named it "Restraining Order" #remington #EmergencyOnly "@Timokreon: What kind of shotgun did you end up getting?"
Prepin4potential earthquake/riot/catastrophe in LA. Making my car&home Arks, getting shells 4 my shotgun & gonna take first aid #survival
Is that....really....I mean....what? Like sex without an orgasm. R.I.P @BoardwalkEmpire
Watching the finale of @BoardwalkEmpire. ...I am so sad they had to skip so many important years ..& that such a great show is ending.
After the last Ep I think n addition 2 nvr having heard the term "zombie" Rick's group was also unfamiliar w the words "sentry" & "patrol"
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So, @Todd_Roy says he never knew women were Catty like in the flick #MeanGirls till I told him...REALLY? Anyone else just discovering this?
it's been a bad yr & I don't care this round "@bbotfadeaway: maybe I was sleeping but have you devulged what you are being 4 Halloween?"
Any other requests, dillhole? :P "@lopezmark90: ....damn girl, eat a cheeseburger once in awhile!!!"
Last night I dined with my manager @GordonRamsay The London In LA...then went to a great haunted house! Didn't get home till 2
It takes a lot if fussing to look this naked thanks to Diane Mayo and @kendelcarson
Many years ago I took some artistic nudes with @Terry_World in NYC for a Wilhelmina test in 2003/04. Lost em @some point
Dear @LuckyCharms are you doing later tonight?
WHY do these people insist on going in public 5o spread it? "@Todd_Roy: Ya, but did Ebola perfect game?… #NYCebola"
Indeed! "@GoodnightGoldie: Not a meme, but the best goddamned pic the internet has ever provided. It's so majestic."
Nothing cheers me like a damn good Meme.....come on people, send me your best! I'll share those worthy of it...
This is lovely too.always made me sad he was long dead at Bilbo's 111 bday party
Got this in a gift bag....... why does this even cost money? #rippedsock
That awkward moment while flipping through the tv channels and you land on yourself.
"Wear your hair down!" Everyone says....fine