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Adrianne Curry
last Top Model "wayback when" gif....Stuff Magazine shoot, enjoy!
Tyra loves to rub one out... hahaha...I couldnt NOT say it. Another "way back when"
Jump Back in the "Way Back When" Machine and behold! #TopModel #NakedDiamonds
And the front of the bra. It has major coverage on this side
My other new and interesting bra from free people. Very cool popping out of a shirt!
"Everywhere I look you're all I see. Just a fading fucking reminder of who I used to be." #ImStartingToScareMyself…
Nine Inch Nails - Disappointed (HD):
Front of said amazing new bra
Good morning! My amazing new bra is..well...amazing!
@AdrianneCurry Hallucinogen in 'magic mushrooms' helps longtime smokers quit in Hopkins trial…
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Africa's Western Black Rhino is Now Officially Extinct . Good job, Humans. BRAV-fucking-O… via @inhabitat
Freaking autocorrect! I called gaming consoles a counsel! Well..i guess they are, if it involves Boromir, Gimli&Frodo #CounselOfElrond
I prefer PC gaming to counsel. I grew up on it. I STILL own a Playstation and Xbox....but my computer feels more....natural.
My Grandma's saint pendant and cross. I never take them off
Feeling much better today!
This cat attempted to eat vomit in a trashcan next to where I am laying. Just.....gross. #fluproblems
It's official, I am toast. Think it may be the flu :*( my cat guardians are all concerned
Didn't sleep all night. Heart was pounding in my throat and my stomach hurt. This morning doesn't feel much better. Booo
Late night reading...and the reason I know when people lie to me, desire someone else or are trying to best me!
How to stop brooding, for all you miserable 90s kids. Seriously, I suffer from it. A good read…
This is beautiful....Man Wears Tacky Dress To Friend's Funeral…
@AdrianneCurry The cost of meds in the US is shameful - here's an ex of a typical script for Nexium (acid reflux):
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Ladies, your photoshop skills are may want to consider photoshopping your buddy next2u so it isn't so obvious. #GiveItUp
Thinking of going to Tijuana to score drugs. Not heroin or meth..BIRTH CONTROL and prescription meds...since America rips you off so bad
Not feeling the drive to hit the gym. However, I shall pry myself off my ass and do what I gotta do! #commitment
"@MtownCyclone: His *wife* doesn't seem to think that way." Look up abuse and how it affects people. Very common to defend your abuser
I don't watch football. They suck2"@iron_aidan81: agreed. what about the NFL and Ravens for trying to cover it up for that last few months?"
Wow..Think you scored a "deal" at TJ Maxx? Read this. MT @renewabelle “The Myth of the ‘Maxxinista’”...…#fashion
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A very intelligent man just gifted me with "bitch B gone". #pmsprobs
The whole valet thing in LA drives me mad. I find street parking&don't mind walking. Saving $ from not having to tip is nice, too.
Doing cardio to The Return Of The King soundtrack....all these morgalvvale/witch king/mordor scores are fucking rad #LOTRworkout
With LA's lack of morality...I got this simply by not being a skank muffin
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