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Adrianne Curry
I wont look @ pics or vids hackers stole from celebs the last few days. It's violating. This isn't like a purposely leaked sex tape. #ick
@AdrianneCurry at the 2014 Budweiser Made In America Festival - Day 2 - Los Angeles
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Anyone in LA try Fat Sals on highland? Thinking of a splurge lunch...
Going to see cypress hill and weezer today at #BudweiserMadeInAmerica concert downtown! I've never seen weezer live
I cry my eyes out whenever I see A.) Gandalf fall in2 Shadow&flame. "Fly u fools.) & B.) Artex succumb to despair in The Swamps of Sadness
First Wives Club....I have to watch it EVERY TIME it's on . Brilliant actresses
Taking myself out to dinner....decisions decisions!
You know you are a parent when you scroll for @HonestToddler tweets vs. @AdrianneCurry tweets.
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Be sure you catch my gal, @MrsdogC tonight on #cmtdogandbeth at 9 pm est @CMT
Hell yeah, late night flapjacks splurge with the protein version of @KodiakCakes #AddBlueberries
Thank you, @Food_For_Life ! Protein flapjacks!!! Now I can fuel my workouts!
Tonight, I treat myself. This was my Grandma's bane. She hid em all over the house.
Flashback to those laying on the sidewalk kinda days...
it would be awesome to meet @noobde the creator of mortal kombat...sigh
I just got VERY emotional at the end of Jurassic Park.....really? PS..I always had a huge crush on Jeff Goldblum #LikeEmOldAndSeasoned
Roasting fennel w/carrots/fingerling potatoes.Toss in olive oil,salt/pepper & tons of fresh thyme. 425 for 60-90 min
Enter for a chance 2 win @GameOfThrones official Dragon Eggs. In honor of our #GOT Fri announcements 4 #Comikaze #RT
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This pretty much sums up the mentality of LA drivers.... #ItsAllAboutMe
This #throwbackthursday is brought2you by the virtual me, created as a demo4 @NVIDIAGeForce cards!Google it,it's rad.
54 minutes of excruciating glute exercises & 35 min of cardio. I feel like I can eat an elephant. I'll settle4 the sandwich I had yesterday
@AdrianneCurry glad you are loving our Food for Life Ezekiel Bread! Enjoy!
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Goodnight, here are some pics of me luxuriating in the tub to give you good dreams #AFFCA
Trying to tire out #AFFCA
Watching V for Vendetta....remembering how blown away I was when I read the comic...
Follow @StuffsHappening cause stuff happens...and this is where you'd find out :)
"Technology has both enhanced and destroyed our interactions with each other." @AdrianneCurry gives it straight:…
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Stuff is happening, a candid (is there any other?) Interview w/yours truly…
Food porn! Ezekiel low sodium bread. Turkey, Lettuce, tomato, avocado, mustard & a splash of balsamic Vinegar!280cal
It's a hard job, holding up the sky....
Tearing up an hour of cardio on the elliptical. One problem, I'm hungry& have to go to the grocery store when I'm done. I'll buy everything
@AdrianneCurry I like animals. But they shouldn't be allowed in stores or restaurants. Its unsanitary and people could be allergic to them.
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@AdrianneCurry I hate fake service dogs. Too many people using "therapy" animals as an excuse to keep their untrained mutts by their side.
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