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Adrianne Curry
My calves are so big. Dudes are always jealous. So...I'm not fighting it anymore. #IfYouBuildItTheyWillCome
u got Shat on, son "@WilliamShatner: @Todd_Roy The 80's called. They want their Tron suit back. (Rolling my eyes)"
@Todd_Roy The 80's called. They want their Tron suit back. (Rolling my eyes)
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Went on a 3.5 hour journey through my old stomping grounds #SouthBayLA #pelican
Just so you know, my late night of sugar high is brought to you by: @sprinklesgrove
The red velvet cupcakes don't hold a candle to the cinnamon sugar cupcakes #SugarHigh @sprinkles #NewFave #StillLoveRedVelvet
Watching @HowardStern Private Parts on HBO! not see this movie. I've seen worse, but I wouldn't watch it again even if it were on while flipping though channels
Aside from meeting the GoT stars, I'm also equally stoked to finally meet @AdrianneCurry (Hopefully!) at @StanLeeComikaze!
Retweeted by Adrianne Curry wasn't the worst movie I've seen....but I wouldn't see it again even if it were on my HBO
The Comlink: - starring @ThatKevinSmith & yours truly! #StarWars I do a mean chewue impersonation …:
Charlies Angels style ! "@ShannaMoakler: @AdrianneCurry @AliciaMarieBODY will you two please work out with me…"
I am! "@the_comlink:1day until the next episode of @the_comlink w/special guests @ThatKevinSmith & @AdrianneCurry. Who's excited? #StarWars"
The hardest working bodies in #dtla @AdrianneCurry and @AliciaMarieBODY are huge inspirations towards my fit goals!
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One day until the next episode of @the_comlink with special guests @ThatKevinSmith and @AdrianneCurry. Who's excited? #StarWars
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At a photo shoot with @AdrianneCurry and I dropped an obscure South Park reference and she totally got it. #idemandmacaronipictures
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I call this the crumpled nude chick poc by #KendalKarson & makeup by #DianeMayo
Don't say I have no spine, there it is! Beautiful nude by #KendalKarson & makeup by #DianeMayo
I dont shave em....I had laser hair removal."@SirWoodtheGood: @AdrianneCurry Thanks for shaving your pits!"
No photoshop at 32 feels pretty damn good! My naked butt shot by Kendal Karson makeup by Diane Mayo
No photoshop! Yay! Makeup by Diane Mayo, shot by Kendal Karson
No ifs ands or my butt about it! Makeup by Diane Mayo, shot by Kendal Karson
Ziggy/Adri played guitar....
I bought this for my Grandma. It matches my old wedding band. I miss seeing it on her.
@AdrianneCurry I honestly have no idea why there's even a Columbus Day parade in Puerto Rico. I mean, HE CHOPPED OFF OUR PEOPLES' HANDS!
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Happy Sham....I mean, Columbus Day! This will make you sick we celebrate this bunghole.…
I used to breed these in 5th grade at Troy Jr. High I'm Joliet, IL, Mrs. eberherts class. I LOVE me some Mantis!
The key to keeping a fresh face after 30 is DO NOT wear makeup anywhere but your eyes. Makeup brings wrinkles out
My pap smear came back normal.....we can all now carry on with our lives