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Adrianne Curry
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I was looking for Charasmatic leadership video& found quite inspirational video. It gets better with @AdrianneCurry
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Tonight, the amazing @actordougjones played w/the abe sapien doll he signed4me a few yrs back. Yay! <3 you, Doug!
No wondercon for me. I am getting dentist work done on fri. Have fun, kids
" Don't expect your girl to play her role, when you have other girls auditioning for her part."-unknown
@AdrianneCurry Health ins used to be for catastrophic issues, not going to doc for checkup or for common illness.
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@AdrianneCurry Doctors' pay ~40% of their GROSS income for Malpractice Insurance. "First, kill all the lawyers." - Shakespeare
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We would pay LESS 4 healthcare if we got rid of health insurance.…
PMS makes you do things ... terrible things...
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King: WHY can't they continue THIS kind of epic story? New Lich King!!!
If you&your S.O. start your relationship by CHEATING with each're a damn fool to think it wont end with them cheating on YOU
Blast from last yrs comic con past... "Something tells me @Todd_Roy was the luckiest nerd @ comic con"
I dont always hang out in childrens tree houses...But when I do, its with an electronic cigg and a jager bomb!
A marriage on tv is most likely to break up...but one that is falling apart? Might as well file for that divorce now.
“You never could lie for love nor honor, Ned Stark.” – Robert Baratheon
@AdrianneCurry He must have been hanging around with his pals 4 and 20.
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"@AliFedotowsky What celeb do you think would make the best prom date? #LivefromE" @AdrianneCurry because she is all kinds of awesome.
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Dear @GameOfThrones ... I've waited SO long for this moment. It was everything I dreamed! #HouseStark #JewelsofSansa @SophieT