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Paper Airplane Machine Gun ... oh wait, sorry, it's actually a "Papierflieger-Maschinenpistole" #awesomeness
The iPhone 6 design team is not happy, not happy at all [parody]
Oh no. If ever anything should have been banned, it's this ... cc @MartinBurford (you'll just love this!)
This is cool - a 37 year old bug in OpenBSD was fixed today by merging a 22 year old fix from 4.4BSD. Wow!
One person, enticing mindless hordes to destroy someone's life, 4 lulz. If this is weev, I'm blocking him henceforth
Interesting dissection of Rust - what is unique about it? [I need to check this out]
Brilliant argument against Object Oriented Programming. The logic used here strangely reminds of Lazy Evaluation
This guy made a custom background for his iPhone with a cracked screen - quite cool!
Interesting: Rust - programming language that garbage-collections open resources, so you don't have to close anything
Another quick stroll through the park, and we have lunch! I love autumn ... @ Omega Works
Wow. @asda just super-gloriously stuffed up delivery for tonight's supper club. Compensation? £2.50 discount ... wow, thanks. #verylasttime
Andrew Auernheimer on his time in prison:
This is a nice one! Infrastructure Engineer at GitHub. hmmmm
Extending JavaScript natives: TL;DR: Don't do it in libraries
aka: The venture capital effect: (Reddit’s crappy ultimatum to remote workers and offices)
The creep factor, right here: Dubai police issued Google glass to identify people in public using facial recog #brrr
This is as cool as wearable tech gets: A wearable drone that launches off your wrist to take your selfie
O wow - BOT FIGHT! (and a pretty cool one, at that)
Kickstarter Guy looking 2 fund a "Quantum Singularity Generator", which generates electricity out of nothing .... hmm
A very good read: The paradoxes of organization
Cleaning today's #vickypark #mushroomharvest (15 mins' worth while passing through) @ Omega Works