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Adriaan Pelzer
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Superb hack! iOS capture image always plays shutter sample (privacy) ... unless you play simultaneous inverted sample
Biggest load of rubbish - apparently, solar cells, if used en masse, will suck the sun dry in a few hundred years!
Real life animator guy - really cool
The Net neutrality war is on: Google backs Netflix
There you go. You can order a hoverbike. Now
Pink Floyd’s up to something …
The strangest Youtube account out there:
Can't believe we're the only ones here ... @ ArcelorMittal Orbit
#thefutureis when Business Insider says self-driving cars are too “boring” to become mainstream!
Giant spider in parking lot across from us! #megapuppeteering @ Omega Works
Google’s apparently exploring a universal CMS & advertising platform
Just a guy in a car costume, entertaining some kids. That’s all …
Something sensible in the TDD wars of late: Test Isolation Is About Avoiding Mocks
So true. Exactly where I am now: in someone else's ill-formatted (according to me) code. Death to the Space Infidels!
Jack White has just released an LP to kill all digital releases. Wow - read this ...
Haha - very funny ... PHP: The Good Parts
Parallax Done Right - cool post about a cool topic
Wow. The Oatmeal asks Elon Musk to donate $8million towards a Nikolai Tesla museum, by creating an awesome Tesla ad
This looks cool: Shortwave - an anonymous messaging app that only works across a short distance
Apparently, someone named Bruno Sanguinetti has created a true quantum random number generator - on a smartphone!
Is TDD dead? Interesting discussion on a very hot topic right now
Explanation: Dynamically typed slower than statically typed; interpreted slower than compiled: Why Python is Slow
Haha. Things that correlate. Now, let the crazy theories follow!
Distances driven on Mars and the Moon, by various vehicles
This is #superfunny: troll trolls haskell help channel; gets convinced to learn haskell instead ...