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(╯°□°)╯︵ uɐɐᴉɹp∀
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Before I scramble up this thing, could someone turn off the smoke machine? @ Snowdon summit, Snowdonia
What sorcery is this? A little umbrella? @ Snowdon summit, Snowdonia
About to enter the upside-down eiderdown. What if, upon my return I find that 200 years have passed?…
Out of the cwm, onto the gribin (look that up, it's welsh)
Snowdon ahead, covered in fog @ Snowdon summit, Snowdonia
Steve Ballmer obviously has too much time on his hands. In his latest rant, Amazon's not a real business ...
Stupid retailers switch off NFC to thwart Google Wallet & Apple Pay in favour of inferior "SecureC" (it uses QR, ffs)
Random fact: you could fit all planets between earth and moon (w/ space to spare for pluto, if it was still welcome)
Quantum mechanics at play in simple Biological processes: three compelling examples. (For instance: enzymes!)
Wow. Startup launches virtual CPU cores; uses VISC ( virtual instruction set). This could be interesting
Very cool summary of #gamergate - if you read between the lines ...
Best summary I've yet read on #gamergate - long, but worth the read to see it all recapped
Valid deduction made from #gamergate: Tech needs better algorithms, so small, malicious minorities can't dominate
Fascinating post about what a guy with right software can do at public hotspot. (Always treat your device as public)
Audi tests driver-less car in racing scenario: car wins by 5 seconds (no info of competence of driver, unfortunately)
Think about this before you sign up for space travel
Now for the suspense-laden "who will be fired" ping pong #apprentice
Let @Lord_Sugar be remembered for Amstrad, but please not for his lame jokes #apprentice
I have eaten a Maris Piper potato and I have definitely not had an *experience*. It's just a potato. #apprentice
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Non-Londoners must think Greenwich, Shoreditch and Covent Garden are all a short panicky jog from each other. #apprentice
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I just went outside and sold my TV for £5, so basically I just won the Apprentice.
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I’d be crap on that Apprentice program. He’d bollock me and I’d laugh and ask how many emailphones he’d sold lately.
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I don't think I've ever seen anything that unappetising #APPRENTICE #hotdogs
Aaaaaaaaahhhh! - Redis cluster, no longer vaporware
Paper Airplane Machine Gun ... oh wait, sorry, it's actually a "Papierflieger-Maschinenpistole" #awesomeness
The iPhone 6 design team is not happy, not happy at all [parody]
Oh no. If ever anything should have been banned, it's this ... cc @MartinBurford (you'll just love this!)
This is cool - a 37 year old bug in OpenBSD was fixed today by merging a 22 year old fix from 4.4BSD. Wow!
One person, enticing mindless hordes to destroy someone's life, 4 lulz. If this is weev, I'm blocking him henceforth
Interesting dissection of Rust - what is unique about it? [I need to check this out]
Brilliant argument against Object Oriented Programming. The logic used here strangely reminds of Lazy Evaluation
This guy made a custom background for his iPhone with a cracked screen - quite cool!