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Ugh!!Soooo... sick! Cant breath #feelLikeCrap
This is our first argument>>>>
Through thick and thin .... I will still be your friend! ♡♥♡
I hope everythings okay???... Im here for you girl! U know that!
U came to my house when u were at your lowest point.... see thats what best friends are for! #LoveYou everything will be okay!
I have no life!! Twitter is the only thing!! #loner
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Just talked to coach G. Maybe this will help with everything thats going on. . . .
Quitting sports on monday turning in everything
RT if you remember your 1st.. Touchdown Dunk Goal Home Run Tackle Strike Ace Spike Block 3Pointer Catch Assist Race Trophy Game Winner
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Fall in love with someone who deserves your heart.... Not someone who plays with it.. #realspill
Dont cheat if your unhappy. . . Just walk away #relationshipProbs
"@BadJokeOwl: Ever have sex while camping? It's fucking in tents." Haha laughing 4 dayzzzzzz
fuck high school In elementary school the whole classroom was your valentine we were in this shit together
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Last christmas i gave you my heart.. But the very next day your body rejected the transplant and you died.
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girls screenshot every compliment so if you call them ugly they'll be like you weren't saying this on the 19th of october 2013 10:52AM
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This niqqa always on my tl talking bout hoes... Me: you so danm ugly niqqa i dont think you even get hoes Get tf of my tl!