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it'll take time for me to get over him LOL
it's okay, it'll never be me anyways so
just when i'm stanning this hot youtuber then i see another girl waaaayyyyyyytyyy prettier & then there goes my self esteem
where is your penpal from? — Poland
received my first christmas card this year LOL
i think i might as well open the package or whatever it is that my penpal sent me
i feel the weight coming lol
i just stuffed so much junk food in my poor tummy
it's so cold, i hate winter .. can i just hibernate until summer comes @ 🚫❄️
i actually can't choose one bias from ikon
can i just edit my photo into a photo of all the ikon members in it #lastrt
Youngji is so beautiful in red ❤️
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i can't wait for my hair to grow back to its usual length
i hope that person is available & will be able to solve the problem bc ugh
i have to call this person soon
i want to just go bed & never get out until it's summer
it's so coldddddddd
How many hours do you sleep at night? — more than 8 hours sometimes
jackson ruined me
yesterdayきのう: sleepyねむい todayきょう: sleepy tomorrowあす: sleepy next week: sleepy next monthらいげつ: sleepy next yearらいねん: sleepy next life: sleepy
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[룸메이트] 웰컴 '시루떡'으로 JYP를 격하게 환영한 룸메이트~♥ 이거슨 마치 JYP 팬미팅?! 오늘밤 11시 15분 <박진영X룸메이트> 환상의 크리스마스 파티 절대 늦지 마세~호!
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나도 성공한팬♡♡ 너무나멋진선배님들과 소중한분들이 함께한 크리스마스파티에 함께해요♡ 오늘밤 11시10분 SBS 룸메이트집으로 놀러오세요♡ 모두모두 본!방!사!수♡
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하라 ON&OFF 포스터!! 기대 많이 하라9요
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Baekhyun says his ideal girl would weigh around 38kg
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i missed my 35k
BTS & Got7 to have a dance battle at 2014 MBC Gayo Festival!
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i used to stan mblaq so hard
but hope for the best for all the members wishing them the best in whatever they do
so what's going to happen to the other 3 members then ?!
it was obvious from the start when jtune said they was in talks about their futures
lee joon & thunder not renewing their contracts sobs
I hate when you have to be nice to someone you really want to throw a brick at.
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congrats !!
i only found out now that sungmin is married omg
idk if that made sense, i didn't reread what i just typed, tired man
lmao who is that anon who i'd obsessed with feet bc i see questions about it being asked on my ask feed lmao
is it released or
i haven't heard exos song yet
i need food, i feel sick
bc these days well the past months i haven't actually been happy tbvh
if this problem is solved then i'll be able to smile a little bit & have one less problem to worry about
HARA ON&OFF : The Gossip 2014.12.29 낮12시~저녁7시까지 전편연속방송…
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omg wait slow down
[INFO] EXO new song "December, 2014" will be released on Superstar SMTOWN on 19 Dec. Teaser will be released today at noon.
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