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& i've posted mine weeks ago lol
i see army selca day tweets all over my tl
some of the posts on my insta feed don't load at all ugh
the first part of hormone war is adfghjklsheicbeicndicbdiwjsb&383!;":!/£)(
nicole is having a comeback
okay back on track now
so i was watching the mv feeling dumbfounded bc never heard that song bc
i blame myself bc when i was downloading their dark & wild album i only downloaded half of the album track list sighs
when i was watching bts hormone war mv i was so lost
namjoons rap makes me wet
why do this to me bangtan why
i must be annoying, my name appearing all over your tl lol sorry
like can you not care about my existence & go do your own thing
i hate it when you're walking alone in public & there's group of girls eyeing/judging you
//tries to remember his face agIn but fails
but there was NOTHING going on, lol just making sure you don't think the wrong way
i can't remember who the guy was but he was hot af
oh i had a dream that i was sleeping with a guy
strawberry cake over everything
hanbin or bobby bobby or hanbin
I haven't gotten any questions on ask for a very long time now
Post a picture of the weather where you are! — it's night here tho
someone still needs to teach me how to wear contact lenses
i enjoy horror movies very much
well excuuuuuuuuusse me