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lost like half of my contacts & i'm annoyed :/
tbh i don't even remember who's number i lost, this is confusing
What's your morning routine? — check phone, wee, shower and then get ready if I need to go out…
pay day tomorrow yehettt
argh ffs what's wrong with my phone i lost everyone's number
Are you an early bird or a night owl? — night owl I guess…
I wish my wallet was as thick as my thighs
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planning to buy another Mac lipstick :)
good bye money again
and i hope the salon is good too
bc if so then i'm basically screwed ..
imma flip when it turns into a complete different colour than what i've imagined
i hope my hair turns out nice when i get it dyed this Saturday
i wanna go cinemas, it's been a while man
Do you smile at strangers? Why or why not? — yeah only when i'm in a very good mood lool…
the couple in mr and mrs smith movie is goals man
damn my eyes are gonna go puffy from crying ugh
and that someone is being a real prick rn
If you're mine, I don't share
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he makes me have no appetite
*eats thinking about losing weight* げんりょう のことを かんがえながら たべる    ∧_∧   ( ´∀` ) 🍕   /   |\/ノ   / ム / ̄\_  (_丿 \_/\_)  \____\_)
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watch my Mac lipstick collection grow 💄
watch my Mac lipstick collection build up
Black clothes are an obsession.
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if i have to fight for your attention then i probably won't even want it anymore
starting to plan a holiday with my friends and this year hasn't even ended yet looool
can't wait for next summer to come already
Damn I miss talking to you 😅🙈🙈 — hahah aww that's sweet…k9f
i'm such a big eater these pass few months wtf
the snapchat update can suck my ass? i needa see if someones snap story is 900 seconds long so i can exit tha Fuck outta there
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What snapchat has caused 😂E
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What was the last thing you paid for? — for a dressing table, yes good bye money…
What's your favorite drink? — vodka .. LOL i'm joking, bubble tea bruh bubble tea!!!!!…
don't really watch tv bc use laptop more
first time watching tv this year, it's been awhile lmao
@NihongoSOS SUSHI ends with I, and I is always beside U.
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you want me that bad come get me, i ain't chasing after nobody, ain't my style boy
only if you don't show that you care, i won't either
are people becoming more annoying or am i becoming more angry
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I lose interest so quickly😷
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