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goodnight !
i'm saying that as if i'm dating or something lmao
i acc feel weird or uncomfortable stanning a idols younger than me
omg sameeeeee
the relief of stanning idols who are actually older than you or at least the same age istg
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but i'll try it again to see if i've changed my mind
i hate coffee
[PREVIEW] 141118 Kai cr. studioj "i hate morning flight" jongin
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then again bambam
but then there's jaebum & jr
jackson and mark <33333333
i'm one day late but
rip lin's soul, i'm going to watch got7's new mv
incase i go there without being ready with the questions they ask & go " know.."
i need to revise for my interview lmao
don't you all get this feeling or is it just me again lmao
when you're watching a kdrama & this character has to ruin everything makes me want to drag them by their collar from my laptop screen
han ye seul is such GODDESS
i remember people used to message me on fb telling me to like their photo.... i mean like wtf who does that
i want this gif to be my phones wallpaper, lol i'm asking too much that doesn't even exist
everything is so hard that i'm tired of everything.
鹿晗~ 很真的想你。。。
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he's doing the overdose dance on the set of Back To 20 😭😭😭#??#??20?
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my heart says yes but my wallet says no 欲しいんだけど財布が空っぽだからダメ hoshii ndakedo saifu ga karappo dakara dame #wallet #?? #saifu
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bc youngji & jackson
when will roommate be subbed, waiting in despair
one person followed me and 5 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
who will it beeeee
Mnet Asian Music Awards Preparing Another Special Kiss Performance This Year #2014MAMA…
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okay goodnight for the last time pyong~
i was trying to learn the dance too
What is the most overplayed song of all time? — it's between kara's mamamia & ailee's teardrop idk
I find that dating will be hard for me...damn. my expectations have gone a place I cannot reach.
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goodnight pretty tlist & sweet sweet dreams to you all x
& i hope i don't have a dream of that guy again omg please no
i'm going to sleep now
i think i've tweeted this but i'm going to tweet it again... i can't wait for roommate to be subbed bc HEO YOUNGJI
whenever i feel alone & tweet about it, naimo is always there, she's important to me <3
@kimjonglinn :( lin i adore the heck out of you more than a lot of people here please acknowledge that
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i still haven't got up to close the door yet
even in real life sighs