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busy lin
- Do you like him? - No - Look! He's there! - WHERE??? -彼のこと好きなの? -ううん -見て、彼よ! -どこ??? -kare nokoto suki nano? -uun -mite, kare yo! -DOKO??
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i should be at home resting
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have no choice anyway
namjoon the type to drop your baby by accident
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bts the type of boyfriend that would never be my boyfriend
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namjoon the type to throw rocks at your window, trying to be romantic but accidentally breaks it and runs away
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buying a new phone means goodbye money
why am i still single at this age, no seriously
okay my 't' & 'y' button on my keboard don't work properly, dfuck
my header of jimin.......... sweats/
tuk is the best <3
Would you follow the white rabbit? — depends
haven't watched furious 7 yet omg i need to
She learned to cry without shedding tears. 彼女は涙を流さず泣けるようになった。 kanojo wa namida wo nagasazu nakeru youni natta.
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trying my hardest not to act how i feel
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#Seungri Reveals That a Drama Brought Him Closer to #GDragon After Months of Silent Treatment…
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- show me your twitter. - no way, cuz i speak badly of u there. - あなたのツイッターみせてよ。 - やだよ、だって きみのわるぐち かいてるから no way! /yadayo! / tondemonai!
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well ,,, i dont see your full face on dp ,, but ur eyes tell u r beautifull :P :P :3 — thank youu!
What is paradise for you? — a beautiful mansion with a big swimming pool and garden x jongin
What things should you never tell your parents? — how you fantasise about you and your bias
do me a favor? a) no b) a c) b お願いがあるんだけど onegai ga arun dakedo a) いやだ iyada b) a c) b
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need to start being more active on twitter again, i miss all the fun
idk how i acc feel
i'm just confused rn
What is the one thing everyone is looking for? — love
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love me like you do lo-lo-love me like you do touch me like you do to-to-touch me like you do
lmao avoiding the like button gone wrong
when this guy got caught preeing my insta
Im a small freshman, will people wedgie me by my tighty whities in highschool? — no I don't think so
i just remembered something so embarrassing that i done yesterday nooooo
do you think you could make a guy kiss your feet? — maybe not
How old are you? — old enough
Do you have insta then? — hmmmm do i want to give it lol
What's the most important lesson you've learned in life? — think very hard before you make a decision that'll ch...
Can you post a pic of you pleeeasse — don't like posting it on here
Are you tha KoreAN — I'm not Korean no
Hey you're insanely good looking thanks bye — thank you and bye
Which website or app do you use first in the morning? — whatsapp and snapchat
marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than u so they wont eat all of urs
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hope jongin is okay :((

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