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Aditya Makhijani
Changing the U.S. $1 dollar bill to a $1 coin would save the U.S. $4.4 billion in 30 years.
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I feel like Twitter is slowly starting to turn into Facebook
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Ya boi boutta be an uncle
Reminiscing.. Such an iconic shit in BackToTheFutureII -By far the gretist movie of all time…
Better get a delayed opening tmrw
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This cold is just wearing me out
I can't wait for summer
Umma start collect matchbox
all star weekend was a success sadly wasn't able to get my hands on any of the shoes.
Where guys carry speakers in the hallways - Edison
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Its 8:55 and I'm waiting and DD I swear I should even have come
Sometimes I hate when shit like this happens
Today is the definition of boring😶
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I'm not tryna Wait in DD the whole night wtf
Deadass doe..When is this shit game going to finish
So that game fucking done yet?..
You can call them out and they won't know how to respond
Hypebeasts don't know SHIT
I can never watch the walking dead without feeling bad for someone
The creator of Flappy Bird claims he removed the app from the app store because he didn't expect it to be such "an addictive product."
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