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Allen The Producer
That's why No is my favorite word .. He speaking truth
Million dollar question: how many people let there past determine your next relationship: meaning do you believe...
They say a HUMBLE man is a angry man.
They say it's mind over matter. So it don't matter in my mind if you don't matter
Only thing comes from sleeping is dreams. So if you still dreaming bout what u gone get in life. Better wake up and go get it
Man .. Jurassic World. If you haven't seen it.. You should go see it
I can't stand when I go to the movies and eat all my candy before the movie starts
Dam and I thought some one was gonna join
IMAX 3D the move to. I need a girl with a purse so we can sneak snacks and drinks in. Lol
Gotta go to the 7 o'clock showing time. There credit card machine down. I'm coming back. Who coming back wit me
imax a must. how bout imax 3d
jurassic world at 4:45. who coming
Who going to movies to see Jurassic world
Stop letting the people who is trying to destroy us. Tell us who we are and where we come from
Dam couldn't say it any clearer.
When men wanted to be the provider of the household, women cried about Equal Opportunity Nshit. So that shit all the dead this era
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Thinking bout going to the movies tomorrow... Who down
Where in the hell is the university of charleston at ..
Stop letting white people explain black history
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Walking the bridge for #charleston #ravanelbridge
#charleston #handandhand #ravanelbridge unite for a day of peace
God let there be peace tonight
There's a lot of people here in this city. More than the bridge run
who going to the hand and hand bridge unite
I really think well intentioned white ppl vandalized that confederate statue
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Everybody keep saying happy Father's Day to me.. I don't have kids
Dam broner lost last night
I'm glad that #charleston showed a great example of coming together for peace instead of Showing violence..
I see people walk downtown with signs.
All white people ain't racist but the white culture is
The killer gets to ride on a private plane. This is nuts.
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He had a gun on him when they found him. I know some kids that was killed because the officer THOUGHT they had a gun.
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Noooo keep the confederate Flag
Survivors of the #CharlestonShooting are making it clear that TyWanza Sanders put his life on the line to save others
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Boy e hot as a hookers draws today

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