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Addy Osmani
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Coming soon: DevTools Paint Profiler. Scrub through what the browser painted and what painted it with ease.
Coming soon: DevTools Timeline won't just show you what was painted, it will show you why
Next major version of Polymer: 5 x faster in Chrome, 8 x faster in Safari. Up to 87% smaller (15KB, 6KB gzipped)
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The Speedometer benchmark, built using TodoMVC apps, measures Web application responsiveness. We're now 2x faster:
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Try Flow - Facebook's new static type checker for JavaScript: with vanilla JS & React demos
Lazy evaluation (in Lo-Dash 3.0.0-pre) is sweet:… Fewer cycles, deferred execution & pipelining
Functions in framework stack traces should have useful names… on fn.displayName by @cramforce
Element.closest() API is coming to Chrome! Returns closest ancestor of current element matching selector. Sneak peek:
Google search now (finally) does timezone math. :D
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The Tale Of 3 Spinners:… ~ creating a GPU-accelerated <paper-spinner> element with @polymer
The web gets a sweet spot in Android Lollipop. Control how your site appears with theme-color…
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Tab Audio muting lands in Chrome. Toggle sound from any tab ~ chrome:flags ➔ "Enable tab audio muting UI control"
TMI (Too Many Images) is a new tool to discover your image weight on the web: #perfmatters
The average web page now contains ~1.2MB of images. That's almost ~200KB more than they did at the start of 2014.
New Sublime Text theme: Seti UI… ~ beautiful colours & icons, ported from the Atom theme.
Author in ES6 from DevTools with the refreshed ES6 Repl extension:… ~ powered by Traceur
Intent to ship the Cache API for Service Worker: enabling storing responses for later reuse…
This is not the future we want. You can do better @tacobell (via @miketaylr)
ColorHighlighter for Sublime Text now has support for Sass variables!…
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DevTools: Save *custom* Device Mode emulations as presets and return to them later with ease.
One of the best things about the web is that all you need to upgrade to the latest experience is to hit refresh.
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WebStorm 9 is out: now supports @polymer, Web Starter Kit, @gulpjs, spy-js code completion…
DevTools: New integrated JS profiling in Timeline tracing view. Callstacks of JS, recalc, layout & paint in one place