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Addy Osmani
JavaScript Application Architecture On The Road To 2015:… Composition, Immutable data & more.
Chrome finally adds support for Emoji! Try it in Canary for Mac (h/t @paul_irish @notwaldorf)…
Preview of ES6 Classes in Chrome. Syntactical sugar over today’s objects and prototypes. Cleaner syntax:
Google mobile search is getting (100-150ms) faster! Reactive prefetch optimization:
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Unit Testing Polymer Elements:… ~ introducing our new tools for web component testing:
The Offline Cookbook… The when/where/how of caching & serving content offline-first.
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ES6 Template Strings working in Chrome. String literals with embedded expressions enable easier string interpolation.
PSI (PageSpeed Insights for Node) now supports humanised URLs (i.e enter domain name only):…
ES6 Object Literal Extensions in Chrome: shorthand properties & methods will save keystrokes! In FF35 & IE (TP) too.
A great set of Service Worker recipes by @jeffposnick:… registration, caching, prefetch & more
ES6 String functions in Chrome: startsWith, endsWith, includes, repeat,codePointAt. Polyfills…
Sublime-FixMyJS 0.3.2 for auto-fixing linting errors is out. Now supports JSHint config too:…
Too Many Images (TMI) 0.2 is out! Compare your image weight to the webs medians & percentiles…
Preview: ES6 `let` in Chrome. `let` declares block-scoped variables vs. `var` which is hoisted to function scope
DevTools now highlights DOM updates. Visualise what parts of a node have changed with ease:
Sneak peek of ES6 `const` declarations in Chrome - used to create read-only named constants. Also in FF 35 & IE11.
Two years ago @24PullRequests got me into OSS. It's starting again in less than a week!
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Check if a string contains another with String.prototype.includes in Chrome and WebKit Nightlies. FF has .contains().
Advanced debugging with Chrome DevTools -… - Part 2 of a Modern Debugging Experience is out.
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DevTools: Framework Blackboxing skips JavaScript library code (e.g jQuery) when debugging…
Coming soon: DevTools Paint Profiler. Scrub through what the browser painted and what painted it with ease.
Coming soon: DevTools Timeline won't just show you what was painted, it will show you why
Next major version of Polymer: 5 x faster in Chrome, 8 x faster in Safari. Up to 87% smaller (15KB, 6KB gzipped)
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The Speedometer benchmark, built using TodoMVC apps, measures Web application responsiveness. We're now 2x faster:
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