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Adam Sessler
If you haven't see the first interviews you're missing out on something pretty awesome. Find them right here… Enjoy!
Hey! As promised! more @TheEvilWithin interviews between Shinji Mikami and myself are coming tomorrow AM at
Thought maybe your Monday could use some horror gameplay. You're welcome. "The Evil Within: Every Last Bullet":
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Update on the Roger Moore story: The headline on the clarification has made my day...
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Find out what makes survival horror from the genre's creator, Shinji Mikami…
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Only my first cup of coffee and all is right with the world…
@AdamSessler Really great work on the videos for @TheEvilWithin. Must watch for those interested in game design.
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Rebel FM is dumb as hell this week, and then @AdamSessler joins in on a ton of smart Destiny talk.…
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For those beginning a weekend, enjoy a look at @TheEvilWithin with myself and design legend Shinji Mikami…
The Black Glove is being made by developers who helped create the BioShock series. Our Kickstarter begins next week.
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Anyone I know in SF have a camera and available to shoot something?
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Bethesda Behind the Scenes - The Evil Within: The Art of Survival: via @YouTube
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Just 900~ away from TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for Tom Chick. Nothing can ruin today.
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@MikeMcWhertor @AdamSessler That's how you know it just got real. Backwards-hat Mikami is rarely seen and not to be trifled with.
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Want Edifying Awesomeness? I got to interview Shinji Mikami on designing @TheEvilWithin
@AdamSessler You have come so far. Man, I still remember when you stapled yourself in the "crouch".
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Did @AdamSessler just use the word “fastidious"design to describe The Evil Within? Nobody’s ever used that word for games before. FINE. SOLD
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Come to see me wear pants...stay for the ridiculously interesting look into game design and @TheEvilWithin
Seeing @AdamSessler again makes me feel gleefully vertiginous and makes wearing pants all the more suspicious.
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No better reason to hop back in front of the camera than to talk game design with Shinji Mikami @TheEvilWithin
.@Sarcastic_hubby my butt got chafed due to poor decision-making on pants...
.@CalamityRob here's a funny fact. We had to turn off the AC because of noise and it was 90 degrees at 70% humidity. So that means a lot
also I want to shout out editor/shooter/producer @tomwconnors who single-handedly kicked ass on these videos. ttp://
I had the chance to interview Shinji Mikami and other at Tango Gameworks. It is a fascinating look at development
But I am happy to encourage you all to see some interviews i worked on with @Bethblog on @TheEvilWithin…
Apologies in advance for those that have already seen me promote my return to doing some work in front of the camera....
I highly recommend you watch them in order and prepare yourself for more coming in the very near future…
As I teased yesterday here are the first set of videos on @TheEvilWithin I worked on with @Bethblog… Enjoy!
oops guys, in my enthusiasm to reveal the news I mis-stated the developers name. It's Tango Gameworks #professional
Oh! here's a BTS image of me preparing for the interviews in Tokyo
I can honestly say these are some of my most favorite interviews ever. I'll have the link when they go live tomorrow morning.
of really interesting interviews between myself, Shinji Mikami and other members of the Tango Softworks team. The first batch go up tomorrow
To which I can now say yes. I've been working with @Bethblog on @TheEvilWithin and we've made some videos
I know many people have asked about what I am doing with my company TheoryHead and if i'll go back in front of the camera....
So, I'm going to make an announcement. Because I want to and the time is right.....
Tom Chick is a good man who is needs our help. Please, if you can spare a few dollars, that would be brilliant.
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I need to be writing something but I've managed to discover everything else to think about. Including @russpitts needing to write something
ICYMI last night, we just published a video I’ve been working on for a while: PlayStation heads to Great Falls, MT:…
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Lon Chaney Sr was born Leonidas Frank Chaney. Lon Chaney Jr? Creighton Tull Chaney. We've always changed the past.
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Three words will define my morning: Challa French Toast.
Just ate a bowl of instant Korean Noodles. I can now look forward to waking up at 2:00 am in a sodium-induced panic.
okay. i have abandoned my brief academic reverie. Kid on the street yelled my name and high-fived me for "being awesome" feeling better
I'd drive a Saab.