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Adam Sessler
The sequel to @houseonfiredk's "The Silent Age" is here, and it's great. Spread the word if you care about story.…
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"Strong criticism is neither an act of betrayal toward a work nor the first step toward censorship"…
The final two paragraphs elegantly articulate a sentiment I've advocated for years… thank you @SimonParkin
Opening paragraph of this @aoscott review reminds me of how pleasurable it is to express enthusiastic appreciation…
It's really not about the apples, it's a poisonous tree…
Something wicked this way comes... We just doubled our pledge for @day4nightgames' oh-so-stylish The Black Glove.…
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Wanna hear @AdamSessler talk about sending poop through the mail? Then you have to become a Patreon backer.
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Read about The Black Glove Kickstarter's cool new Reward Tiers, free added bonuses, and more.…
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Can't say there's anything more satisfying for me than cooking a pork chop perfectly. #KeepingTheBarLow
Dear Giants: I love you.....
Fighting corruption in games journalism = advocating the blacklisting of an outlet that gives a AAA game a low score
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Have you experienced sexism in the gaming industry? The @nytimes wants to hear from you.…
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Food delivery dude recognizes me just now. He means well and all i do is get anxious because he has my address. #StopGamerGate2014
The Keeper/Boxman is my favorite creature in @TheEvilWithin I spoke with Shinji Mikami to find out why…
I call upon @intel to take a stand against #Gamergate by restarting their ad campaign with @gamasutra. Please RT.
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*Teacher points to statue* "When a woman had her life ruined online, this man reminded her that not all men would do that. He is our hero."
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.@alexlifschitz as I said to others earlier. I'm not your mother helping with homework. Do it yourself, it's readily available.
#StopGamerGate2014 because, like gravity, this hashtag justifies itself
Welcome to the 21st century kiddos. You are your avatar. Pick wisely, people are entitled to judge.
Was chatting with some folks today if Gauguin would've painted those trees if he had access to internet feedback...
I know I'm old but threatening deaths to prevent someone voicing their thoughts sounds like undue influence to shape editorial. #corruption
47 is looking for interns in LA, NYC and SF. Know a superstar looking to start a career in tech/games PR?…
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We made an episode of @TheComedyButton with @AdamSessler that only 2,452 people can hear. Want to be one of them?
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...and an equally hearty congrats to my buddies at @GearboxSoftware and @2K on their launch of the new @Borderlands game
A hearty congratulations to my friends at @Bethblog and Tango Gameworks on the launch of @TheEvilWithin
Today's Twitter is brought to you by Limitless Qualifiers.
.@MikeYargolek huh...could've sworn it was about ethics. but i'm old and confused....
@AdamSessler We can do this forever. It costs us nothing. Zero. It's fun and easy, it's internet rage, we can do it for eternity. #gamergate
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I love Brunch. And get off my lawn. I'm out....
Good god. I'm seriously thinking about ditching Twitter tonight. I want to spend my final years thinking the future is is better hands
and to think I still don't know who you are....
I just finished up a lovely brunch with wonderful people. Being a jerk is awesome.
Alright...I'm off to have (Dim Sum) brunch. THIS JERK IS HAVING BRUNCH GODDAMMIT! AND HE'S GONNA LIKE IT! JERK BRUNCH (cc: @GreatWallofChin
Shit....I'm going full @acarboni
Seriously, the hours spent writing that brunch article could have been used with his daughter, or making a nice dinner..
If you're not backing @TheComedyButton on @Patreon, you're missing tomorrow's super secret episode with @AdamSessler:
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A handful of people are calling me a dick on twitter. I assume it's because I'm having brunch…
ICYMI: The Black Glove is like BioShock's opium-riddled older sibling
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In an effort to mitigate the fury I manifested in @acarboni I present this…