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Adam Sessler
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How soon until there's an Ice Bucket challenge to buy Twitch?
As I've hinted at before this game gives me all different types of happiness… (cc: @day4nightgames)
San Francisco! Come to the @Cyniccave for some Talk Show: The Game Show love at 10pm tonight!
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These Simpsons episodes make me think if Dana Gould which makes me think of the Gex games. And then nothing. It's the end of the line.
Hey SF folk: My fish pimp is abandoning me. Who are your favorite piscine purveyors?
Sitting around thinking of all the game developers I love is like detailing a 1-to-1 map of the world. You all rock. #welovegamedevs
Eating Yuet Lee cold the next morning has confirmed for me that's it's the best Chinese food in SF #Controversial?
Oh, if you think there's nothing wrong in the community...check my replies. We all have a problem as an industry. Let's grow up
So I mentioned the movie was ironic..I'm old, you get it? Oh well.....
@AdamSessler Maybe if every dev/gamer tweeted "I support Zoe Quinn aka @TheQuinnspiracy" we'd create too many targets to attack?
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So what would many of you good people do to show your opposition to the toxicity that is hurting this community?
So I'm sitting here watching in real time how dev's are being hacked for the crime of being who they are and who they associate with...
It's like Hackers without he lighting or music...or actors. Okay it's mundane but fascinating
I'm sitting in a bar with Zoe watching these hack attempts going down live. Don't be fooled, this is a war on indie devs. Enable 2-step.
This shit started with Zoe, but every time they hack a new Skype account they get more contact info, and then hack those accounts too.
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Dear indies: please change your Skype passwords and enable two-step authentication. If even one other indie has your Skype info, do it.
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Find me! A lot of comics got out of bed by noon to make it time for the Comedy Club Owners and Bookers panel!
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Okay...getting your ears cleaned out is the single most satisfying medial experience.... to get my ears irrigated. which sounds kinda appealing now.
If anyone wants to join me in modest demonstration of common decency let me know....maybe we could make it a movement...
Well gamer internet you have managed to actually disgust me all anew. Gonna go outside and be a real man. IE: Be a decent fucking human
This situation has gotten so bad that Don Lemon seems like a voice of reason. The guy who ran a "what race is Santa?" panel on TV. #ferguson
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