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Adam Richman
In my dreams this would be the shot as we come back from commercial to the #SNL episode Im hosting.
Made these cheddar - guacamole bacon cheeseburgers with no cholesterol! Yes, it's true! #letseat
Some times, size does matter. I have a huge...amount of gratitude to @Heineken_US for their hospitality today #USOpen
So excited to attend the @usopen ! Thank you @MSGNetworks & @Heineken_US for the great seats! So kind of you! #USOpen
Love when the underdog wins! Congrats to @MKDonsFC on their 4-0 victory yesterday! Honored to have played for you in FIFA!
moments like the end of the cat Cora battle, are one of the reasons that doing #FoodFighters has been one of the best experiences of my life
Would I be intimidated to cook against @catcora? I was intimidated TALKING to chef cat Cora!
things just got's Iron Chef @catcora on #FoodFighters y'all!
If you think this battle is just cookie sandwiches, wait til they break out the liquid nitrogen! #foodfighters
Chef Vic Vegas always makes for a great meal and a great competitor! #FoodFighters
@AdamRichman Watching #foodfighters with the kids is as close as I get to the family TV nights with my folks that I had when I was a kid.
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Our home cook Sgt Coombs is cooking Mac & cheese against a health conscious chef? Good strategy? #foodfighters
This Mac and cheese is one of the best I've ever eaten. Sarge uses a really cool ingredient too! #foodfighters
great battle and chef shemtob was right - his dish was executed perfectly #foodfighters
@AdamRichman hows about a retweet because............why not πŸ˜€πŸ˜†πŸ—πŸ•πŸ
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tonight's contestant Sgt John was a wounded vet who did three tours in Iraq. Let's give it up for the troops! #FoodFighters
Can't thank @therealrussellp enough for his hospitality & introducing me to the beautiful hip hop icon @mclyte
Tune in to see #CandidCamera today at 8p/7p Central on @tvland It's awesome! @missmayim
One of my brilliant tweeps inspired me to create composed dishes with left over crumbs & sauces. Would you eat it?
Met one of my favorite actors ever yesterday, the brilliant @HaroldPerrineau One of the nicest men around.
Shot this for my VT package for the pre @socceraid special! Enjoy! #BootsAndBootsAndBoots
Hey @JetBlue ! Great job on #Mint service & love the exhibits in the #JFK terminal! Thanks for making flying fun!
Murph, Q, Sal, and Joey from @truTVjokers cool guys I'm glad to know! thanks for letting me be part of jokers wild!
After his Emmy win, things have changed. I luh you Tony. I luh you, luh you, luh you Tony. #MarcAnthonyBourdain
Look at those legs! Can you guess how old I was? #tbt
@AdamRichman Hey Adam! Here's my first article for Endeavour magazine on our favourite thing..burgers! :) please RT x
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So glad you guys could join me live tweetin' - Wesssiiiide! You guys have a great show comin tonight!!! #FoodFighters
Do you think the dinner party will accept arepas for biscuits? #foodfighters
cortney's message about moms and home cooks being unsung culinary heroes is the essence of #foodfighters
it seems everyone puts bacon in their own stuffing recipes. can't go wrong with that
What do you guys put in your stuffing recipes? Secret Ingredients? I want to know #foodfighters
I absolutely love Cortney's happy dances. You can tell they are totally from the heart & made of pure adorable. #foodfighters
Greeny! @ericgreenspan is on the way! a good guy and good friend! wonder if hes happy with todays Real Madrid result? #foodfighters
Having lived in ireland after college, I loved hanging with Chef O'Keefe! I want to try his colcannon. You in @NickyByrne? #foodfighters
with sweat like that pouring off me, I needed the blast chiller, not the tarts! #foodfighters
How fascinating is Cortney's story about how her autistic son's dietary preferences shaped her recipes? #foodfighters
how great of a competitor is @sarabluemoon ? Can't wait to try her restaurant! #foodfighters
much like in my mushroom tart recipe, Cortney has the right idea: The variety of mushrooms is key for explosive flavor! #FoodFighters
Cortney is a powerhouse! Growing up on a farm gave her a special understanding of ingredients and loads of talent! #foodfighters
yep! RT @ChristalBlue: Wow I have never seen anyone make homemade ricotta. That is badass. @cortneyetc #teamhomecook #FoodFighters
Never thought of French Toast as something hard to make. wait till you see what happens #foodfighters
Ya'll check out my boy @AdamRichman in 10 min hosting @NBCFoodFighters there's gonna be biscuits and gravy !
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