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adam pally
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Newspaper headline: "Dog Kills Cat, Self."
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Last night I suffered a fairly life altering experience because I "Fit The Description" -…
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"Ladies and Gentelman it is illegal to televise from a courtroom in this state, so well have to be very quiet." #EverySimpsonsEver
"It sounds so made up, Y-U-M KI-POUR" #EverySimpsonsEver
"I did get Paul McCartney out of Wings." "You idiot he was the most talented one" #EverySimpsonsEver
Nathan for You was awesome this season. Watch it if you are looking for funny shit to watch. Special shoutout the homey Solomon.
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Legendary Simpsons writer and hothead @jon_vitti will live tweet his eps during @EverySimpsons Ever on @FXXNetwork ! Prepare for F-bombs.
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I'm am expert in Greek Meat. I am Gyrcoligist. Not great.
@THR: Bob Dylan's lost lyrics interpreted by T Bone Burnett and friends, set for release” Oy Vey
Help my buddy Kulap finish her documentary! She rules!…
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Honestly, I never thought Don Pardo would say my name, but that's because I thought I'd die first. RIP "NORA DUNN"!!!
@KarenSummerton: Dear Adam Pally, it's been awhile. Make me laugh. @adampally” dude, thats not cool I'm dying
@Deadline: Anne Frank Film Shoots In Gaza Amid Hate, War And Death” Wait what shoots where?
Wow. My parents just took my brother, Craig and I out to dinner and revealed to us that Craig (who is a fish) was adopted. #StillMyBrother
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If I'm a bread, I'm worried about Pita, it likes to party, anytime of day.
I love the ice bucket challenge cause it raises money for ALS, and Cribs has been off the air for a while and I miss it.
My kids are gonna be heartbroken when I'm gone and the lawyer breaks it to them that I left all my favs and RTs to the dog Haha
My consideration: Robin Williams: A Hero For His Talent, and For His Moral Courage | Vanity Fair…
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ESPN says "Tony Stewart's car" hit that guy. Yeah, I'll never forget when OJ's knife stabbed those people.
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