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adam pally
actorcomedian 102,748 followers
Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf Blue Iris Kenneth Keith Kallenbach Debbie Tay, The Space Lesbian Eric The Actor We speak your name.
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The only proper way to memorialize the greatness of Eric the Actor is to get him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. #AckAck4Eva
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It takes a special De Niro impression to stand out, so here's @adampally imitating Robert De Niro using Skype: #LNSM
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If you want people to start liking bros, @adampally, you need to do better than this. #LNSM
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There's a couple in the security line going to Fiji. Yeah right house hunters international, where's the little girls body.
I feel like everything is oak oak oak lately. We have other kinds of wood don't we? What else, what else is going on in the news?
tonight old friend Tina Fey & new friend @adampally. plus Seth & Tina talk about our dinner in LI & @perlapell's sexy dancing video emerges
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OUR MOVIE WILL BE ON iTunes ON FRIDAY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Obvious Child (2014) by Gillian Robespierre
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I think I know funny, but when my daughter confirms with "I love that guy" it's a lock. Such is the case with @adampally, on #LNSM tonight!
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Don't forget to watch @NewGirlFOX and @MindyProjectFOX tonight! Tweet me your thoughts & I'll tweet you mine. That sounded pervy.
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I'm really good at swatting flies with my bare hand. I get um everytime.It must be because of my super quick reflexes LoL.
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New Mindy Project tonight 9:30 on Fox
George W. Kumal Bush Sr.
You're telling me we can find Bin Laden but the people that did this to Robin Williams still haven't been brought to justice?
.@Berrebbi you may be a child and missed it but I watched and enjoyed the Charles Rocket era.
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"Use your smile to change the world. Don't let the world change your smile"....... feel free to smile
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I'm having a pretty good eating day all things considered. I only ate one full size bag of pita chips while staring aimlessly into an off TV
Immunize your kids you rich dummies
Look at any picture of a person. Now zoom in on that picture. Now the person you are looking at is dead.
I'm gonna be the guy that gets Ebola I can just tell
@ShaneLarkin_3:#NBA2K15 .. What y'all think of my screenshot? Lol” my best friend from when I was 12 Oren Bernheim?
Good morning! One day you will die. Accept this reality and live accordingly in joy and freedom. Thanks!
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Ike and Dave directed this web series it's really funny
Squirrel Down for Nuts
Travel the globe again with @chrissyteigen, @adampally & more. @EW has an exclusive look at @TheGetawayESQ season 2:
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Joan Rivers was a huge presence in American comedy forever. She was one of a kind and will be a great loss to all who loved humor. R.I.P.
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RIP Joan. Thank you.
My neighborhood is a reflection for me of my struggle with age, and humor, and how the two are constantly evolving. …
Chris Messina's 'Alex of Venice' Gets Distribution
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So, let me explain. I know more giraffe facts than you do.
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Amazon is a legit place for good television check out this show some buddies of mine made…
We can't lose Joan. All love and healing wishes to Her Majesty Joan Rivers- being ripped a new one by you is an honor to be treasured.
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Uch, I broke my Dick nail
@nytimes: Is access to medical marijuana reducing painkiller overdoses? (via @nytopinion)” yes yah dumbshits yes
I tear up at every 3rd opening couch bit #EverySimpsonsEver
@THR: Exclusive: Rose McGowan reaches for Oscar with short film directorial debut" hey yo let's slow dat cart fore it kills dat horse bwaby
Sparkling water is the same as regular water right? If it's not lie to me.