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why do ppl expect a kid to learn 5 subjects, if a teacher can't even teach 5 subjects
@makahihurst: naked > clothed”
"when he writes "BAE" on your forehead in cum😍😍😍😍" hashtag girly things hashtag Prince Charming!!!!
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nights ruined
"Just me and my homies livin life over here"
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all I want in life is to have a burger to look just like the commercials
the nurses at my dentist are so hot 😍
Brunettes run the world. Blondes just look pretty in it.
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after hours after parties
Grab dat pussy and make her grilled cheese
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I feel like playin ball today
I need a new name juicy is old
this weather got my nipples hard
If you don't know much about herb, don't preach to me about it. #HappyWizKhalifaDay
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I wanna go paintballing again
Dick had her calling life alert
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