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Adam W
I'm done with twitter.
Girl, I just want to have fun.
Today is a good day.
Some guy is just golfing on the beach, hitting balls into the lake.... am I missing something here or is he stupid.
All I want to do is skateboard with Scott, and listen to the Front Bottoms.
If my computer doesn't unfreeze after I slam the mouse a few times I'm fresh out of ideas.
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Throwback with my grandmother :( #england #memories
I fell into pieces and she fell into me.
So my 12 year old neighbour has an odd future shirt. Fuck off with that shit.
Judge all you want, all I know is it was awesome.
My neck has been aching for two days now because I decided to headbang alone in my room to Asking Alexandria.
A cute girl took her earphones out to talk to me on the train. This can't be real life.
“Enema of the State has become the single most important album in our overarching community since its release in 99.”…
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I never liked tattoos of eyes. How does an eye look good?
Make me feel worse about not exercising.. @andypany1
If you saw that "Blended" actually made $14 million dollars this weekend and you wondered who actually went to it, that would be my parents.
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Paid for a medium coffee, she gave me a large. I like new employees.
And on the 6th day Jesus balled on his haters in his "Crucified 11's"
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Chillin with my besties.
@AdamLloyd_13 it takes skill to take a selfie without looking.
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I am dead right now. Can I just sleep.
Who exactly is going to go on a shooting spree. A disturbed person with a gun or a disturbed person without a gun? #NRA doesn't care.
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Godzilla was fantastic.
Today has picked up since this morning. A bad morning is never fun.
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Establish dominance in the men's room by making eye contact with everyone while shitting in the urinal.
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Fun prank: pepper spray anyone that walks out of Abercrombie & Fitch.
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Vans just followed me! So dope.
@AdamLloyd_13 Congrats!!! You win free shoes! DM us your first & last name and your email address!
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@AdamLloyd_13 Woah. I'm guessing that first pair has seen a lot
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God, I love the city.
I mean I hope that's the reason.
My legs are so long nobody wants to sit opposite me on the train.
I've had a headache all day. Please go away..
Nigga aint beat shit, he murdered it. RKO'd it, Batista bombed it from a 30ft ladder, held that shit at gun point
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Lorde winning top rock song is fucking stupid
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Lords just won best rock album......what in Gods name has the world come to? Rock!! She won rock! Someone shoot me! Right in the face!
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Watching "you only live twice" because James Bond knows better than drake.
Might be getting dinner with Keisha and Scott tonight. So that would be fantastic.
Casual Friday is very casual this week.

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