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Adam Hellwig
Hey @JHellwig2, gotta love those tough kids who come at you over social media but won't say it to your face😂.They wish they were you I guess
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I at least hope it's a Lyndonville kid who is tweeting about me cause lord knows they couldn't win without Steven and james
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I'm not one for blaming everything on the QB but the Bills cannot get to the next level with EJ Manuel at QB. He isn't good enough.
Let him roll for the first down
This is one of the worst football games I've seen in a long time
That was the best play of McKelvin's career
That's how you finish a drive! #Bills
Leodis McKelvin is such a not-smart person
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I thought the Bills WRs were a strength of the team
That's a great throw by Manuel and another drop
Racks on racks on racks
Girls Soccer RFA 2 CVA 1-Katherine Migliori and Jenn Tasco score for RFA.
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Gave him a cookie on the first pitch
I would not give Jeter a good pitch
Jeter is the only guy in Yankee Stadium that cares more about winning the game rather than him retiring
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On average, Google has been acquiring 1 company a week since 2010.
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Where the hell does the time go
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“@BroHumor: When your boy gets rejected in public..” @AdamHThe1 😂 sums it all up
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“@eschuly: I really need to stop trusting people.” Stop trusting the wrong people.
If I can't "beat em" ... I'm for damn sure not "joining em " ... Just gone have to keep beating my a**
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With the seasons changing women will too, be ready for unexpected phone calls/text messages as winter nears...
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“@kmigliori3: I'm so freakin frustrated with this global packet😒” global 9 might literally be the easiest class in history of school
Lying brings short-time happiness with long-term pain, while honesty brings short-time pain with long time happiness
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Girls only say "I hate you" to the guys they love!
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Should've known better than to cover Thomas with a sorry ass corner like Sherman 😂😂😂😂
Dan "MVP" Carpenter!!
Hopefully Gilmore is done
Can't believe Corey Graham didn't start
Medina defeated Lake Shore 36-30. Brett Pecoraro ran for 206 yards & 3 TDs and Jason Hellwig threw for 283 yards & 2 TDs. #preptalklive
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if @NBA2K gave James Harden the same rating as Kevin Durant (95) I'm not buying that shit
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Why is no one talking about how Hope Solo, accused of domestic violence, continues to play?
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With the outrage over NFL players and domestic violence in the last week I don't see how Hope Solo can play for team USA right now
The Bucs are an embarrassment
JV football held on to win 22-21 at Lake Shore. Jake cotter scored 2 TDs and Dawson Joy had 1. Cody crane ran a key conversion.
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Watching the same Sportscenter over and over again
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I'm getting a notification for every single tweet...someone help me turn it off 😭😭😭