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Adam Bartlett
The Fastest Way to Burn Fat-Up to 20 LBS in just 2 weeks…
Who's in the commons first and third?
I hate drunk people so much
Why can't it just be Sunday already?
When you're the only person in the village without Ebola
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@TumbIrsPosts: This made me so happy 💕�”Roman and Dennis
I hate when people don't use quote retweets correctly.
Idressed up nice to go see my grandparents,but the dog had to throw up on the bed and I had to sit in it. Guess I'mgoing in basketballshorts
I've had donuts in three classes today
@prophetbrando: Me in jail: So what you in for? Convict: Aggravated assault. What you in for? Me: Nerfing Convict:”😂
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@BlakeToler @AdamHBartlett @__JSMITH10__ or be like me and be sitting on a curve with police cars and sheriffs there 💯savage
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Being depressed because nerf wars sounded awesome and I live in Katy. #nerfmemories @Yung_Savage19 @__JSMITH10__ @BlakeToler
There are six people on my bus.
Bus didn't show again.
We had a new bus today, because the other one we were on was overcrowded and today at the bus stop the new bus stopped on the other side of
Who else going to sleep at 9:30?
Fml. The doctor said no throwing or lifting for a week.
When you drop ya phone & then pick it up and the screen not cracked
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Trey: " It taste like wet water."
1 day down, 179 to go.
My dad called it nut-ella instead of nu-tella.
@abigailswain: I hate asking for help. I will literally go through hell before I ask someone for help with something”this is a lie.
@MediaEasterEggs: Tuco's cousins (Breaking Bad) are also Pedro's cousins from Napoleon Dynamite
When your phone goes off in class and everyone starts coughing to cover up the ring tone from the teacher. Well done team.
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