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Official Release: Steve Ballmer completes purchase of Los Angeles Clippers ► #ItsANewDay
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Buy this to shit on bullies “@LoveisLouder: Want @ADAMDEVINE's signed solo cup? 1 day left to bid at #loveislouder
And that is a wrap on #theintern! Gonna miss livin the Bronx lyfe.
We all pitch in on the set of #theintern. Photo by @nmeyers
Acting wasn't working out for me so I got a job as a focus puller. Psych! I'm so famous nowz! 😎
Livin that Bronx lyfe.
I haven't been tweeting enough lately. I miss us.
Hello Brooklyn! I walked across your bridge yesterday wearing all black errthing. #wwjayzdo
Me and my boy Bobby D laughing at stuff and doing cool backward peace sign poses that the teens are doing. #theintern
Last hero. My father.
Another super hero of mine on the set of The intern taking notes from @nmeyers herself. He's in a good mood that's just how his face looks.
Hero shooting China Town.
I'll be at the @LoveisLouder experience tomorrow in Times Square at 6:15pm fist bumping and high fiving people!
In the booth today laying down voices for this new Disney cartoon Penn Zero: Part Time Hero. Have kids and raise them to appreciate this cartoon.
Soccer players have the physically hardest hair of any professional athletes. #fact
I think I've pretended to like soccer for long enough that I might actually like it now.
Yo business dude. Why u got to crop dust the elevator?!
Partying SO hard in NYC!!!!
USA is #1! I don't care what some dumb soccer tournament says.
Hey in NYC everyone just watches each other have sex and jerk off, right?
Goodniiiight Gotham.
Me and the guys are going to perform at Festival Supreme!!! Check it out here. The line up is insane.
Murray half thizzmas!!
Having a great time in Baton Rouge kicking it with the homie Lil Boosie. Photo cred by @iwishiwaspizza
Baton Rouge! Me and my clique are comin 4 ya!!!
This is one of my favorite things. Thanks to whoever made this. SAVED BY THE WORKAHOLICS!…
Throwback to yesterday when @blakegriffin32 dunked a baked potato for my House Party show.
I did my buds @adamraycomedy and @funnybrad 's podcast. Check it out here.
NYC weather drools. LA>NY.
Hey @FlyFrontier why u bring so shitty to my grandma at the Denver airport. Arvilla Devine is a great woman and you're being shitty.
Playing @xbox with my life braj. Thanks for the Xbox, @xbox ! Xbox!!!
@KPChatShow: We are LIVE in ONE HOUR with the hilarious, @ADAMDEVINE! #KPCS” hit up link if u got questions!
Have a fun day by going to Mall of America and riding the Farris wheel, getting some popcorn from popcornopolis and visiting the homies Blake and Steak at zumiez.
At 5am my pitch was far from perfect.
Heading to Baton Rouge to film Pitch Perfect 2 and kick it with Lil Boosie, probably.
Trees out front of the house that built workaholics. An oasis in the hood.
Saw Panda Bear last night. I've never seen a crowd on more drugs. Zoned IN.
I put this giant flag in my house for Memorial Day and also because I'm American as fug. America represent! Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone remembers who they lost and also BBQ 's !
Bamboulas on Frenchmen st in New Orleans. The home of House Party season two. It went dowwwwn here.
Thank you @MrJohnnyRyan for making the "Adam Devine's House Party" season 2 poster.