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Jeremy Keith
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Back in Blighty, ahead of schedule.
Preparing for lift-off at one of New York’s nascent spaceports, looking forward to getting home.
Bidding farewell to Brooklyn, and indeed @brooklynbeta. Heartfelt thanks to @shiflett, @FictiveCameron and crew for many inspiring years.
Many thanks to @libbyn, @ddemaree, @benjaminwelch, @gregveen, and all the lovely @typekit people for an excellent Brooklyn Beta evening out.
Over a decade on from sliding doors and the box-model hack: @stop and @t in Brooklyn.
I was such a fanboy meeting David Lowery yesterday. “Key Lime Pie is the best album ever!” I may have blurted.
Wheels down at JFK.
At San Francisco’s nascent spaceport preparing for a coast-to-coast jump to New York. Spinning up the FTL drive.
In Toronado, eating a tamale from The Tamale Lady and discussing W3C specs over craft beers. Doing San Francisco right.
My friends in San Francisco: let’s meet up for a drink and a chat at Toronado from 8pm. Hope to see you there. Yes, you.
My phone has decided to stop working as a phone while I’m in the States—doesn’t connect to any network. It is effectively an iPod Touch now.
If you want to hollow out an asteroid for you and all your Twitter friends to colonize, you need this #sciencehackday
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Dancing with dinosaurs and lasers! Science!
Just demoed my @sciencehackday project: Habitasteroids!
My science advisors @PlanetaryKeri and Nathan help figure out centrifugal force calculations for asteroid terraria.
Putting the finishing touches to my @sciencehackday project.
Up and atom for day two of @sciencehackday.
Prepping all day for #sciencehackday. It's like Christmas Eve for the best nerd holiday!
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Hanging out at the Mozilla office with @t.
Cooking with @t: ingredients for triangle eggs.
Good morning, San Francisco. You’re looking nice today, iconic San Francisco street corner.
Why don’t I file bugs against Safari? Apple won’t engage web developers. So I won’t engage them. Nothing changed.
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Bostonians: what’s a good lunch spot somewhere near South Station? Related: want to meet up for lunch?
Bidding farewell to Providence after a most-excellent @artifactconf.
Playing around with styling checkboxes.
Tweaking my indieweb posting interface.…
Mobile strategy: “Add to Home Screen”.
Laughing out loud throughout @davatron5000’s @artifactconf talk. It is quite literally a LOLfest.
Ducking out of the conference to grab a coffee ’round the corner, remembering to remove my lanyard so I don’t look like a douchebadge.
Someone else’s blog post rustling your jimmies? Write a response on your blog and contribute to the discourse!
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Medicating with spicy kimchee chicken ramen.
Spent the afternoon holed up in my hotel room when I should have been listening to the excellent @artifactconf talks.
Airplanes; public transport; hotel room air-conditioning …all these factors seem to have conspired to give me a dose of the sniffles.
Week leading up to #sciencehackday is always a crazy (but fun!) for me. It is our 5th annual Science Hack Day in SF if you can believe it!
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“Photoshop is the most effective way to show your clients what their website will never look like.” — @stephenhay
Hello, Providence.* *the place, not the state of having supernatural protection for future eventualities