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Jeremy Keith
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If you prefer to read your talks instead of listening to them, I posted my @dconstruct talk in word-form:…
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Packing a bag for a trip to Freiburg, then Bologna, then Bucharest.
Beer goggles. (Prospect ale goggles, to be precise)
Pork on a stick, squid on a stick.
Beef bahn mi at the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival.
On the hit parade at at 3, @doctorow at 2, But no. 1 with a bullet: @aworkinglibrary
Worried that @slightlylate sometimes doubts my commitment to Sparkle Motion.
Going for a beer on the beach.
Ian Paisley’s death reminds me of the graffiti scrawled under “Ulster Says No!”: “The Man From Del Monte Says Yes! And He’s An Orangeman”
Want Forward Secrecy on Apache? You need to upgrade to version 2.4. Want SPDY on Apache? You need to downgrade to version 2.2.
Publishing a somewhat epic walkthrough of the steps I took switching to https:
This evening’s @asyncjs here in @68MiddleSt looks like it will be fun:…
In lieu of actually being at #extwebsummit, I’m publishing my reckons on Web Components.
Driving, listening to @BBCWorld when they mention @dconstruct. The Internet's in my radio.
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After much hoop-jumping:… Now to get Forward Secrecy working. cc @jaffathecake
Updating with this year’s @dconstruct talks.
BERGoonies never say die!
Brainstorming some ISS-related @sciencehackday ideas with @t.
On the beach with @t. A seagull snatched his sandwich right out of his hand. Sad @t.
All the talks from this year’s mind-blowing event are online now for your listening pleasure:… Listen. Think. Share.
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Looking forward to @geekestlink this evening. @gablaxian, are you in?
.@IndieWebCampUK 2014 is over — and it was awesome! Thx for having me, and thx @adactio @t @tommorris for organizing!
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Adding the little green lock to thanks to @timretout, a paragon of patience at Indie Web Camp.
At Indie Web Camp, adding webactions (a custom element) to my notes e.g.
Rounds on PHILIP J FRY, SEQUELS MADE AFTER WAY TOO LONG A GAP, ACRONYMS, and a USEFUL INVENTIONS picture round - Sunday 7 Sept @carolinepub
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Listening to @t and @aworkinglibrary argue about Markdown over cocktails. It’s like a civilised version of the internet.
The family that lasers together.
Having a post-IndieWebCamp pint at the Hop Poles.
MakerFaireBrighton now then New Sublime then 4pm Basketmakers then 8pm Seb's light show. Brighton, you have all the things #dayout
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