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Acne Scar Killer = Mix 1/3c hot white tea with 1/3c apple cider vinegar. Let cool and apply to pimples/scars. Rinse after 30m #Works
To reduce redness over a pimple mix warm water with a pinch of salt. Then take a cotton ball and dab it on the troubled area.
To help get rid of acne, mix 1tsp sea salt into 1/4 cup warm water. Put it into a small bottle. Apply this via cotton pad.
Honey is great for lips, it helps to heal wounds and hydrate dry skin, plus the anti-viral properties make it a good cold sore remedy, too.
How to Naturally Treat Body Acne... The Homemade Cleanser is Amazing #Tryit
After threading or waxing, gently pat #WitchHazel onto the areas treated to lessen irritation & soothe the skin.
Control oil buildup on your face by applying a tiny dab of talc powder on your skin to absorb excess oil.
Run a humidifier every night to moisturize the air in your bedroom. #Works
Apply a drop of tea-tree oil to blemishes three times a day to discourage infection and speed up healing. "Dilute With Water"
Don’t eat salty foods at night or it will show on your skin in the morning. This is due to water retention.
Only use water-based & oil-free skincare products to keep your skin beautiful & healthy.
Pour on the Protection #WearSPF
Massage In Your Moisturizer!! Never Scrub #Important
Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your scrub or face mask. It is a disinfectant, antiseptic, & contains antibacterial properties!
If you suffer from oily skin, use a clay mask once a week to remove excess oil while opening & clearing out pores.
For acne that flares up before a menstrual period, drink 1 to 2 cups of chasteberry tea a day.
Applying live, natural yogurt to the skin helps soothe/heal, particularly after a camomile steam bath has opened up the sebaceous glands
Combine used coffee grounds, coconut oil, & sea salt for an amazing body scrub that will remove dead skin cells while hydrating/nourishing.
Obsessing over your skin is just as bad as not taking care of it. Find a happy median and your skin will look better!
Homemade Sugar Scrub → 2 cups sugar + 1 cup virgin coconut oil = Amazingly soft, smooth, beautiful skin!
Get 8…hours of sleep per night. Your skin restores itself while you are in sleep mode.
3 beautiful words we love → Tea.Tree.Oil. Read The Facts Here-->>
Apply a mashed ripe banana on your clean skin & leave on for 15m then rinse off w/warm water. Moisturizes skin/lightens dark spots!
Keep your life as stress-free as possible. Your skin, mind, body, & soul will thank you.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Set aside a few hours over the weekend to make this face mask...
Drink 2 Tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar diluted with water to fight acne & heal damaged skin. #skincare #worthit
Take a moment out of your day to enjoy a steaming mug of white or green tea, both of which can do wonders for your complexion.
Eat Zinc-rich foods! Kills acne/heals damaged skin Oysters Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder Crab Meat Roasted Peanuts Lamb Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Red wine is packed with antioxidants that will help keep your skin healthy and protect against free radicals, so have a glass.
A good workout doesn’t just burn calories, it also helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin.
If your complexion is looking a little dull, chances are you need to exfoliate. Try this...
Have a sweets craving? Eat some berries! Low in sugar & high in antioxidants!
Keep germs away from your face by wiping the surface of your phone with a little hand sanitizer each day.
Lifestyle Changes to help You Deal With Acne Catch More ZZZz Eat Less Sugar Exercise More Drink Water Take Omega-3s De-Germ Cell
Raw unfiltered honey applied directly to your skin will: Kill Acne Minimize Redness Soothe Irritated & Inflamed Skin Soften Your Skin
Good skin care including sun protection and gentle cleansing can keep your skin healthy and glowing for years to come.
The Mediterranean diet is great for skin. Salmon and foods rich in omega 3’s make a positive impact
Keep your skin clean and moisturize dry skin; dermatologists recommend moisturizing dry skin twice a day and overnight.
Moisturizing is vital for healthy skin, especially during the fall and winter months.
A good skincare routine consists of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and DON’T FORGET YOUR EYE CARE!
If you suffer from oily skin, oranges and lemons can be your new best friends. Eat or apply juice to pimples. "Sensitive Skin Beware"
Sheets and pillowcases collect oil on them, which is a recipe for clogged pores and congested skin. Change them often.
Face Mask to Remove Acne Scars and Blemishes...
Natural Exfoliators For Oily Skin. - Pineapple - Oatmeal - Baking Soda - Yogurt - Tomato - Banana - Egg Whites - Oranges - Papaya - Lemon
Why You're Breaking Out! Bad Diet Lacking Sleep Never Cleanse Super Stressed Too Much Sugar Hormones Changing Allergic/Sensitive To Gluten